--- J a n u a r y  1 3  t o  21 --- 
   --- r a d i o --- s a t e l l i t e --- s t r e a m i n g --- b r e a k f a s t --- d i n n e r --- p a r t i e s --- c a k e !!! ---

   The theme for Art's Birthday 2018 is "TRANSFORMATION".

   Scheduled times are in Your Local Time (which the machine thinks is 3:38 PM. If this is wrong, go to the Set Your Timezone page)
   (Travelling West from the International Dateline)
   From Tokyo / Art's Birthday--Action 2018 (139º 41' E)
      This time is some works reflect 2018 in Japan. Do you think that it becomes chaotic, what chaos appears that it does not prescribe in particular the concept dare?
      The rule is simply Action simultaneous improvisation act.In 2008, in 2009, in 2010, in 2016, in 2017, Art Lab Tokyo joined five times this event. This time it will be the participation of the sixth time.
      Live Camera;http://www.facebook.com/Art-Lab-TOKYO-182062231994863/Start;Japanese time 18:00 17th Jan. plus9hours
      Web Site;http://artlab-tokyo.com/exhibition/detail.html?part=part2&id=20180111132019
   Moscow/ New Space Theater of Nations (37º 37' E)
      "Haunting Spectre of Communism" - Media artists are  celebrating 100 years of the Russian revolution. 
      Our time slot allows us to play only  two modules  from the long concert, that  consists of 6 modules  created by various  authors. Each module contains a documentary entry, which is the starting point for the author's musical perception / comprehension of the problem. The Protagonist of the work is the Spectre of Communism, as an author of a module  imagines  him or her (Probably the Spectre was a woman!) 
      1. The Empire -Oleg Makarov 2. The people - Olesia Rostovskaia 3. The World - Andrei Bundin. 4. Leaders - Sergei Zagny
      5. The Dream - Petr Aidu 6. Myth - "October"  of  "1984" -  Dmitri Nikolaev in cooperation with S. Eisenstein and G.Orwell .
      Nomadic Academy' s happening is about watching tv-art of the past at home (and with cake) during the weekend. 
      The invitation will be announced 17.1.2018 in http://nomadinenakatemia.blogspot.fi
   Math of the Nations from Czechoslovak perspective | Czech & Slovak Radio | OSTRAVA (18º 15' E)
      On January 17, 5 pm to 10 pm sci-fi of the 20th century lives on. 
      We celebrate also 100 years since the establishment of Czechoslovakia. Our “fiction” is 
      a sentiment, a rebellion against the stupidity of the border, a great return, or even 
      the joy of endless friendship. The nonsensical separation of nations can be abolished for a while. 
      more on AB.ROZHLAS.CZ
   Bludný kámen: Art's birthday in Opava (17° 53' E)
      Bludný kámen connects a series of exhibitions, live performances and concerts to celebrate the 1.000.055th anniversary of Art.
      All events will take place in Opava/CZ (Cella Gallery/Hovorny and Matiční dům/Bludný kámen).
      5 pm - Martina Mäsiarová: Hraničné situácie, 6 pm - Martin Šenkypl, Petra Strá, 7 pm - Newkus, 7:15 pm - München konflikt, 8 pm - Evropská unie
      More info at bludnykamen.cz or facebook.
   Classy Proletarian Birthday Party. Everywhere. (17º 44' E - 13º 24' E)
      Let's get back to the beginning. 
      A real networked birthday party, without curators, organizers, entrance fees, without more planning than fun, 
      no stars stealing the show, but just a nice song and a present. Umění má narozeniny or Kunst hat Geburtstag! 
      Setting up between Berlin and Hranice. Feel invited to join in! Network place and time to be announced. 
      Geza Roman Bobb & Gívan Belá.
   Ö1 Kunstradio's Art's Birthday 2018 | Vienna (16º 22' E)
      January 17, 7 pm to 9:30 pm
      The following artists have confirmed their participation and are getting their gifts ready for the big 
      evening on 17th January: Manfred Gruebl, Moritz Nahold, Lissie Rettenwander, Station Rose (Gary Danner und Elisa Rose) 
      and wechselstrom (Renate Pitroff und Christof Theiler), and the Band log (Marko Arich, Isabella Forcintti, Thomas Liesinger and Philipp Rabelsberger).
      on site: ORF RadioKulturhaus Wien, Argentinierstrasse 30a, A-1040 Vienna.
      on line: http://www.kunstradio.at/PROJECTS/AB2018/network-kunstradio-party.php
   Promenade - live from 8 - 11pm at esc medien kunst labor Graz (15º 26' E) via Radio Helsinki, http://helsinki.at
      Promenade. Anecdote, everyday life. Installation by M. Rumori: image touches on various artistic and scientific topics: 
      installation and environment, sound within a room, and anecdotal music, the science of movement as an instrument to 
      sharpen the perception of the everyday environment and construct theories about narrative identity. Recordings by 
      M. Rumori, D. Specht, HH Rutz and live performances by A. Manhartsberger & D. Pirrò, M. Mayerhofer-Lischka & Peter Venus
      Moderation: Reni Hofmüller, esc medien kunst labor Graz, http://esc.mur.at
      MOHO Club Discontinuo @ USMARADIO homebase in RSM<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Transforming places into meta-spaces
      Experimental A/V performance streamed on http://www.moho.xyz & http://usmaradio.org
      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<January 21|2018 from 04:00pm to 11:00pm (GMT+1)
       >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>*HB ART <3*<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
   LEG-SURPRISE art.birthday one-million-fifty-five | Regensburg (12º 6' E)
      dear friends of pomodoro bolzano, artists and artlovers – art.birthday time!!!
      we are happy to invite you to take part in art.birthday 1.000.055. 
      if you are in the area, feel free to pop in and celebrate with us! 
      legs rock !!! 
      January 17, 8pm - 12pm  - location: la linea/ Villastr.3/ 93055 Regensburg/ Germany
   1.000.055th art's birthday at KlangBüro Munich (11º 34' E)
      17th of January at Halle 6, Dachauerstrasse 112d, 80636 München
      15:00-18:00 ceremonial Sound In- and Outputs of just heard or really desired sounds.
   RADIOLOGIE . ZWISCHENverSCHNITT at bauhaus.fm | Weimar (11º 19' E)
      ZWISCHENverSCHNITT is a re reading of a series of Radiologische Lesungen by .aufzeichnensysteme and Konrad Behr. 
      Archived material, pre recorded conversations and new accidents. 
      ZWISCHENverSCHNITT is broadcast by bauhaus.fm in Weimar/Germany at January 18th, 2018 from 5pm to 6pm Berlin time. Live-Stream at http://www.bauhaus.fm 
      More at: http://www.elffriede.net/elffriede.radio.weimar_16/radiologie.html and https://konrad-behr.de/radiologische-lesungen/
   SWR/E-WERK Art‘s Birthday | Freiburg (7º 50' E)
      On January 13th the Freiburg Art Year was inaugurated in the E-WERK with Art’s Birthday!
      The whole E-WERK was transformed into a sounding Gesamtkunstwerk - concerts, performances 
      and interventions invited the audience to stroll from one room to the other and to stay - to listen, 
      to wonder, to unknown immersive Sound worlds. http://SWR2.de/artsbirthday
   Art's Birthday @ M HKA | Antwerp (4º 24' E)
      This year M HKA (museum of contemporary Art in Antwerp) organises Art's Birthday for the 10th time. 
      It will be celebrated by inaugarating a facade panel by Kerry James Marshall, with a State of the Arts declaration by Belgian writer Jeroen Olyslaegers and a birthday cake designed by artist Kasper Bosman.
      The artworks are in for a treat as well for Liesa Van der Aa and her One Trick Pony band will play different versions of Happy Birthday especially for them. 
      Performances and installations will take place in the museum with works of George De Decker & Ward Weis, Erki De Vries & Freija Van Esbroeck, Nazanin Fakoor, Niko Hafkenscheid & Valentina Stepanova, Kosi Hidama, Philip Janssens, Oona Libens, Meggy Rustamova, Koen Theys, Pieter Vandenbosch, Müge Yilmaz.
      Celebrate with us from 7:30 pm till the deep of the night calls an end to it. https://www.muhka.be/programme/detail/1184-art-s-birthday-2018
   S-O-N-N-E-Z | Antwerp (4º 24' E)
      A tribute to Pierre Henry by George De Decker and Ward Weis
      Live from MUHKA / Antwerp
   FOLD A HAT | Antwerp (4º 24' E)
      fold a hat, decorate, make a photp and send it to 
   EBU Ars Acustica Art's Birthday 2018! (in Orbit via Satellite)
      Next Art’s birthday party in Euroradio ether will be on Wendesday, January 17, 7 pm to 10:59 pm.
      It will be 1.000.055th anniversary of art. It will be Euroradio Ars Acustica Special Evening. 
      It will be Robert Fillou’s birthday. It will be broadcasted. It will be…
      More Information: http://artsbirthday.ebu.ch
   Art Altar for Cosmic Interdimensional Transformation | London (0º 7' W)
      January 13, 11:30 am to  to 4:30 pm -ish Springfield Park Bandstand, London       
      A cosmic, crystallised meteorite brings inter-dimensional possibilities for transformation, transmutation and altar-ation through the roof of the bandstand in Springfield Park!
      Join us to soak up its auric field and be transformed for the year ahead.
      Bring an offering to place at Art's Altar to be transformed, or sent off into other realms. 
      With participatory presentations of Pauline Oliveros’ compositions, other cosmic performances and a musical ceremonial cathartic finale.
      The celebration will be live streamed, link coming soon....
   Art's Birthday London 2018 (0º 7' W)
      Art's Birthday in London at Red Gallery features artists from Venice International Performance Art Week 2017 
      including: Andrea Greenwood, Ashley-Louise McNaughton, Don Chow, Eva Martino, Fay Burnett, Katie Louise Vowles, 
      Madeleine Virginia Brown, Maria Luigia Gioffre, Nicole Zaaroura, Sylvie Shiwei Barbier
      17 January 2018 from 3pm-9pm at Red Gallery, 1-3 Rivington St., London EC2A 3DT
   Gora Zar Eleazar | Zaragoza Spain (0º 63' W)
      Gora (UP) Tzart Eleazar
      Hymno hypnosis...Mute Sound
      Pedro F. Bericat
      P.O.BOX 4033
      50080 Zaragoza Spain
   Oxfam Swansea Celebrating Art's Birthday 2018 | Swansea (3º 56' W)
      Sunday 14th - Sunday 21st January : A week of creativity to celebrate Art's Birthday. at OXFAM, 34 Castle Street, Swansea. SA1 1HZ. Wales. UK.
      Hang your art works alongside Picasso, Seurat, Duchamp and more legends of art history! We are converting a Doll's House into an Art House! From 14th-21st January 
      come in & create a masterpiece on our tiny blank card canvases or post one to 34 Castle Street, Swansea SA1 1HZ (rough size 5cm x 6cm max).
      Look through our library card selection of passages about bookshops from books and record yourself reading a passage about a bookshop from a book in a bookshop!
      Friday 19th January : Free Lace Making workshop from 11-2. Complete beginners and Lace Masters all welcome!
   Surprise party celebrating the 1,000,055th anniversary of art (73° 56' W)
      Hosted by LB, AA & LS
      Friday January 19, 7PM EST. LIC
   INSTANT PLACES :: SOFT FORK | Vieux Hull (75º 42' W)
      Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse AKA Instant Places: month-long 2018 Art's Birthday celebration streaming from Vieux Hull, Quebec, Canada. 
      January 17 launch of CARBON SUGAR AIR generative installation intercut with live performances/telematic hook-ups through to February 17. 
      Carbon Sugar Air generative machine now live! ---->  http://instantplaces.ca/carbonsugarair/
   Art's Birthday Party, Kingston Ontario Canada (76° 29' W)
      Join Tone Deaf and the Union Gallery for some performances and cake! 
      Poetry mangling from Michael Casteels and Matt Rogalsky. Music from Mackenzie Sawyer and Max White.
      January 17, 9 pm to 11 pm at the Union Gallery, on the first floor of Stauffer Library at Queen's University.
   Art's Birthday at NAISA in South River, Canada (79º 22' W)
      The Deep Wireless Festival opens at NAISA in South River, Canada with three Art's Birthday events. Martin Marier performs for the EBU stream on January 17, 8:10 pm 
      using The Sponge, a unique digital instrument. Marier will also give an artist talk and another performance on January 20, 12 am and he will participate in 
      The Art's Birthday Maker Day on January 20, 3 pm to 9 pm with Braelyn Rose. Details at http://naisa.ca/naisa-events/arts-birthday/
   The Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society | Edmonton (113º 29' W)
      The Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society presents Art's Birthday Edmonton 2018 featuring locally-based performers Blipvert, K. Burwash, Raylene Campbell, Wayne DeFehr, 
      D.N.E., Trixie Moon and Soft Ions. The event takes place at the Ortona Armoury (9722-102 St.) in Edmonton on Saturday, January 13 at 8 p.m. (GMT -7). 
      Details at http://blog.beams.ca/
   absolute value of noise | 30th Anniversary radio stream | Vancouver (123º 7' W)
      Art's Birthday 2018 coincides with the 30th Anniversary of Absolute Value of Noise Radio! AVN30 is a radio stream featuring sounds from artists I've collaborated with or been inspired by over the years.
      Deanne Achong, Jim Andrews, Sean Arden, Steve Bates, Gívan Belá, Ian Birse, John Brennan, Hank Bull, Brian Charles (a ghost in the machine), Don Chow, Andrea Cserenyi (from the archives), 
      DinahBird, Elisa Ferrari, David Floren, Anna Friz, Ken Gregory, Steve Heimbecker, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Eileen Kage, Laura Kavanaugh, Gene Kosowan, Sally Ann McIntyre, Brady Marks, 
      Faith Moosang, Bill Mullan, Jem Noble + Milo Piccini Noble, Roberto Paci Dalò, Anthony Roberts, Matt Rogalsky, Adam Sloan + Liam Sloan, Maia Urstad, Gregory Whitehead, Elisabeth Zimmermann.
   24 Hours of Radio Art! On CITR FM | Vancouver (123º 7' W)
      January 17th, 2018
      24 Hours of Radio Art on CITR FM 101.9
      Listen Here: http://citr.ca
   Transformer art Birthday Sechelt B.C. (123° 45' W)
      Arts Birthday.
      Admission by donation.
      Location: Sunshine Coast Arts Centre, Trail and Medusa
      January 20, 7-10 PST
      Transform yourself through Art’s Birthday.
      A world wide celebration of art. Sechelt’s offering of art will be a song circle, poets and general art fun.
      Moth Church, MIllar Bowie Band, Smoking Crowns.
   THE NEXT ART-OF-PEACE BIENNALE once again proposes THE ALL DAY VIDEO BREAKFAST to celebrate ART’S 1,000,055th BIRTHDAY17.01.18 (CE)
      from Kiritimati via Glasgow to Alofi and all timezones between
      from January 16, 5 pm to 7 pm the next day
      (events below this line have not yet been sorted geographically)
   Take a picture for Art´s Birthday
      Art’s Birthday
      It all began on January 17, 1,000,000 years ago. A man took a dry sponge and dropped it into a bucket of water. Who this man was is not important. He is dead, but the art is alive. "(Robert Filliou, 1963)
      What are you doing on this day? Are you celebrating the „ART“ with a party? Please take a picture with a flower (maybe a red rose or a cake) and yourself (make a selfie / porträt) on January 17 and sent it with eMail to art@okok.de (Susanne Schumacher & Lars Schumacher). Please include your name, adress and where you celebrate this day. We wait for your picture till the last day of January 2018. All pictures will be published in a documentary (print and online)  (ENG)
      please feel free to share this idea and send your 300 dpi Porträt for the 1,000,055 art’s birthday in a eMail to art@okok.de - a fluxus project by susanne schumacher & lars schumacher 2018
      contact to this fluxus and non profit project is "Medienhaus für Kunst und Kultur e.V. Burgdorf / Mittelstrasse 37 / D-31303 Burgdorf / Germany - Deutschland"
      Geburtstag der Kunst
      Alles begann am 17. Januar vor 1.000.000 Jahren. Ein Mann nahm einen trockenen Schwamm und ließ ihn in einen Eimer Wasser fallen. Wer dieser Mann war, ist nicht wichtig. Er ist tot, aber die Kunst lebt. "(Robert Filliou, 1963)
      Was machst du an diesem Tag? Feierst Du die "KUNST" mit einer Party? Bitte mach ein Foto mit einer Blume (vielleicht eine rote Rose oder einen Kuchen) und dir selbst (mache ein Selfie / Portrait) am 17. Januar und sende es per eMail an art@okok.de (Susanne Schumacher & Lars Schumacher). Bitte sende uns Deinen Namen, Adresse und wo Du den Tag feierst. Wir warten auf das Foto bis zum letzten Tag im Januar 2018. Alle Bilder werden in einem Dokument (gedruckt und im Internet) veröffentlicht.  (GER)
      Compleanno dell'arte
      Tutto è iniziato il 17 gennaio, 1.000.000 di anni fa. Un uomo prese una spugna secca e la gettò in un secchio d'acqua. Chi era quest'uomo non è importante. È morto, ma l'arte è viva. "(Robert Filliou, 1963)
      Cosa stai facendo in questo giorno? Festeggi "l'ARTE" con una festa? Per favore, fai una foto con un fiore (magari una rosa rossa o una torta) e te stesso (fai un selfie / porträt) il 17 gennaio e spediscilo con eMail. Includete il vostro nome, indirizzo e dove celebrate questo giorno. Aspettiamo la tua foto fino all'ultimo giorno di gennaio 2018. Tutte le immagini saranno pubblicate in un documantary (libro e online) (ITL)
      Cumpleaños del arte
      Todo comenzó el 17 de enero, hace 1,000,000 de años. Un hombre tomó una esponja seca y la dejó caer en un cubo de agua. Quién es este hombre no es importante. Él está muerto, pero el arte está vivo. "(Robert Filliou, 1963)
      ¿Qué estás haciendo en este día? ¿Estás celebrando el "ARTE" con una fiesta? Por favor, tome una foto con una flor (tal vez una rosa roja o un pastel) y usted (haga una selfie / porträt) el 17 de enero y envíela por correo electrónico. Incluya su nombre, dirección y el lugar donde celebra este día. Esperamos su foto hasta el último día de enero de 2018. Todas las imágenes serán publicadas en un documento documental (libro y en línea)  (ESP)
      L'anniversaire de l'art
      Tout a commencé le 17 janvier, il y a 1 000 000 d'années. Un homme a pris une éponge sèche et l'a laissée tomber dans un seau d'eau. Qui était cet homme n'est pas important. Il est mort, mais l'art est vivant. "(Robert Filliou, 1963)
      Que fais-tu ce jour? Célébrez-vous "l'art " avec une fête? S'il vous plaît prendre une photo avec une fleur (peut-être une rose rouge ou un gâteau) et vous-même (faire un selfie / porträt) le 17 Janvier et l'a envoyé avec eMail. S'il vous plaît inclure votre nom, adresse et où vous célébrez cette journée. Nous attendons votre photo jusqu'au dernier jour de janvier 2018. Toutes les images seront publiées dans un documentaire (livre et en ligne) (FRE)
      Aniversário da arte
      Tudo começou em 17 de janeiro, 1.000.000 de anos atrás. Um homem pegou uma esponja seca e a deixou cair em um balde de água. Quem é esse homem não é importante. Ele está morto, mas a arte está viva. "(Robert Filliou, 1963)
      O que você está fazendo neste dia? Você está comemorando o "arte" com uma festa? Por favor, tire uma foto com uma flor (talvez uma rosa vermelha ou um bolo) e você mesmo (faça um selfie / porträt) em 17 de janeiro e enviou isso com o e-mail. Por favor, inclua seu nome, endereço e onde você comemora este dia. Esperamos sua foto até o último dia de janeiro de 2018. Todas as imagens serão publicadas em um documentário (livro e online) (POR)
      День рождения
      Все началось 17 января 1 000 000 лет назад. Человек взял сухую губку и бросил ее в ведро с водой. Кто этот человек был неважен. Он мертв, но искусство живое. »(Robert Filliou, 1963)
      Что вы делаете в этот день? Вы празднуете «АРТ» с партией? Пожалуйста, сделайте снимок с цветком (может быть, красной розой или пирожным) и себя (сделайте самоубийство / портретом) 17 января и отправьте его с помощью электронной почты. Пожалуйста, укажите ваше имя, адрес и где вы празднуете этот день. Мы ждем вашу картину до последнего января 2018 года. Все фотографии будут опубликованы в документах (в режиме онлайн и онлайн)

   The site is open to all Art's Birthday participants to post their event information.
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