Hyperspace Logo    Audio excerpt from Banff, Radio RADIA (Mpeg-3, 32 kbps mono, 5:16, 1.2 MB)

Hyper Space Radio

A Live Interactive Simulcast
Tuesday, January 17, 1989 at 9pm PST (10pm MST)

With HP at Radio RADIO FM in Banff, Poptart at the Western Front in Vancouver, and Swirlyn' Vinyl at CiTR FM in Vancouver.

Call it the continuing adventures of pataphysical radio, as CITR, the Western Front and RADIA Banff are connected by live telephone conference for a one hour broadcast.

You get three radio stations for the price of one, (i.e. free), as audiences and performers at each network node create a new mythology for the space age. The script will move us backwards and forwards through time. Future consumers will appear on the show, buy interactive compact disk recordings of the event and take their own turn at rearranging the time flow. The aim of the game is to find a magic spell hidden deep in the program.



Join the studio audience for a dog's breakfast of noise and destroyed music. Witness the return of the fabled HP, in direct audio contact from the Banff Centre. Experience the excitement of a radio studio in action, with Robert Kozinuk, Iain Macanulty, Lowell Morris, Sheri-D Wilson and Gordan Murray at the Western Front. Swoon to the sounds of CITR's Swirlin' Vinyl with Norm van Rassel and Peter Courtemanche. All at the same time! And if you can't make the gig, don't worry. The interactive CD will be out soon.

(From FRONT Magazine, January 1989, pg 18, by Hank Bull)