Mpeg-4 Video of the MIDI Jam (5.8 MB)

Art's Birthday Celebration and Protest

Saturday, January 16, 1993, 1pm to midnight)

Did you know? - Art was born 1,000,030 years ago when someone dropped a sponge into a bucket of water. The event is now celebrated around the world. Also called Artists' Day, it is an occasion to celebrate the presence of art in our lives and these days, to protest its persecution. The Pacific Association of Artist-Run Centres (PAARC) cordially invites you to particpate in an entire weekend of special events. Rumour hazard the big party will convene at Artspeak after the opening of the "Drawing" show and move on to cake and ice-cream.

Saturday's events include the following:

1pm: at Octopus Books - A book launch for Rienzi Crusz, Yvonne Vera and Stephen Lunden, sponsored by Rungh Cultural Society.

2pm: at the Western Front - Collage and fax party to protest the cuts to arts funding.

5pm: at the Contemporary Art Gallery - "The De-installation of Lorna Brown."

8pm: opening at Artspeak, a large group show, "Working Documents: Vancouver Drawing."



Sunday, January 17, 12 noon PST (9 pm CET)

On Sunday, events will move into virtual space:

12 noon: Vancouver composers Matt Rogalsky and Dan Scheidt will connect Western Front with Seppo Gründler and others at the ZERO project in Innsbruck, Austria, for a live MIDI jam session.

3pm: Kenneth O'Heskin will demonstrate his new art invention, "The Juggler/Le Jongleur," the long awaited machine that does everything! The Wizard of Oz himself would want to use this multi-process, event driven control and coordination system for artists. The finished product will be fully programmable to configure and schedule the myriad digital devices available to contemporary performance and production environments.

This global Sunday concert will be broadcast live on WENR RADIO at (somewhere around) 89.0 FM. Tune in.

(From FRONT Magazine, January/February 1993, pg 11, by Hank Bull)