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Tokyo+Realaudio*  --->Tetsuo Kogawa, Tokyo  --->schedule --->contributers

Canada+Realaudio*  --->Gallery Oboro, Montreal --->Absolute Value of Noise--private radio (phoneline)

Vienna+Realaudio*  special features: --->Remote Viewing --->javachat + webcams # --->chat (text only) Yoma,Linz,Austria*
     								      Thing,New York --->Radio Fro, Linz Austria --->Index of Kunstradio Streams

Phone in DJ line (604) 822-2487 --- send a fax: (604) 822-9364 --- CITR radio 101.9 MHZ
# = High Bandwith * = Active at spec. Time (see schedule) website:eastside.firstfloor.org thanks to t0 for remote viewing