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A r t ' s B i r t h d a y  2 0 0 9 ! .. J a n u a r y 16 th to 18 th ..
                                                                       g l o b a l  n e t w o r k  e x c h a n g e

   M a g i c a l  S o u n d  M a c h i n e s   ..   r a d i o .. s a t e l l i t e .. s t r e a m i n g ..
                 E c o l o g y : W a t e r  A i r  S o u n d   ..   s w i m m i n g   p o o l s .. m i c r o - c a s t i n g ..
                            .. h a t s .. b r e a k f a s t .. d i n n e r .. p a r t i e s .. c a k e !!!

(Schedule of Events around the World)
   Czech Radio - Safe´n´Sound for Art´s Birthday 2009  (Prague)
      Czech radio joins the Art´s Birthday live show within the frame of the EBU January 16, 7 pm to 11 pm.
      This will be 2 hours live event in Theater 29, Pardubice, Czech Republic
      for details see the
   -. --- - ..-. .- .-.. .-.. ... .--. .-.. .- -. .---- -....   (Antwerp)
      >>>> NOTFALLSPLAN16 <<<< explores  >>> SAFE & UNSAFE Sounds <<<
      January 16, 7:40 pm - 8 pm
      live from the MUHKA (museum for contemporary art of antwerp)
      as part of the ebu ars acustica group ARTs BIRTHDAY EVENT
   IMA's and Kunstradio's  Art's Birthday Party in Hainburg!  (Vienna and Hainburg)
      on air: January 16, 10:03 pm - 11 pm, Ö1
      on site: January 17, 7 pm - 11 pm, Kulturfabrik Hainburg, Kulturplatz 1, 2410 Hainburg an der Donau / Lower Austria
      on air: January 18, 10:03 pm - 10:45 pm, Ö1 Kunstradio
   Extremity Cassette by Anna Friz and Absolute Value of Noise  (Vancouver)
      A generative audio stream .. sounds of magnetic radiation, harmonica, theremin, melodica ..
              a magical sound machine ..
      On-line at from January 16, 8 pm to January 18, 8 pm, 2009.
   Whispered Art Histories (Kingston)
      More cutups of Filliou's history of art, by students working in
      the Queen's University studios (Kingston Ontario Canada)
      with Matt Rogalsky
      Streaming on January 17 (EST) at
      Please feel free to use our stream in any other performances!
   24 Hours of Radio Art at CITR FM (Vancouver)
      January 17, 8 am - 8 am
      Live stream at
   'The Filling Station': a present from Mobile Radio  (Ürzig)
      January 17, 11 am - January 17, 11 pm
      'The Filling Station' is a live stream emanating from a sound installation situated in an attic in the village of Ürzig
      on the banks of the river Mosel in Germany. It is offered as an extra input for Art's Birthday mixes or as a backup
      stream, gap filler or playlist alternative. The installation is based on radio and audio feedback and will be tended and
      tweaked regularly. Maybe some villagers will drop by for a bottle of the excellent local wine.
      Click here to Listen
   Art’s Birthday Extravaganza 2009  UK Activities in Swansea (Swansea)
      Events all week from January 13th - 17th. Take part where ever you are!
      For info see:
      The Actual Birthday January 17, 12 pm - 6 pm and Fancy Dress Three-Course Meal January 17, 7 pm,
      hosted by Elysium Gallery, High St. Swansea.
   WANTED / HAUNTED | January 17, 3 pm - 9 pm (Paris)
      Performances with the artists Granoux-Nidraged and JF Le Scour | Live-show with DJ MorRad B.
      Great Show Opening with more than 20 international artists (France, Germany, USA, China...)
      Exhibition 18/01-28/02/2009

      Collection Callay // Paris/Neuilly-sur-Seine // 5 rue Parmentier | 88 boulevard Victor Hugo // 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine

      More Infos (how to participate ?) > Wanted Duchamps '09 (french/german)
   Arts Birthday 09 celebration - Mississauga Office of Arts & Culture + New Adventures in Sound Art  (Mississauga)
      January 17, 5 pm to 1 am The Mississauga Office of the Arts and Culture in collaboration with New Adventures in Sound
      Art will serve up an audio feast on the theme Ecology: water, sound, air. Featured artists/groups include Christine
      Duncan, David Powell, Alison Kobayashi, Chandra Bulucon, Shannon Cochrane, Darren Copeland, the Underground Garage
      Sale, Gintas Tirilis, and the Mississauga Youth Choir, plus many more.  Swim with Fish (sounds) during the public swim,
      create your own art trading cards, learn how electronic gizmos work (NAISAtron and micro-radio transmitters) from the
      youth that made them, take a SOUNDwalk, step up to the mic (during open-mic) and of course there will be birthday cake!
   WERWOLF Roberto Paci Dalò/Giardini Pensili  (Naples)
      January 17, 6 pm (7pm CET / GMT +1) from Naples, Italy, a live noise performance by Roberto Paci Dalò
      using recordings from Nazi and Russian radios.
      The work has been originally coproduced by the Internationale Heiner Müller Gellschaft Berlin and in Naples
      is presented by Giardini Pensili, Velvet Factory, and Fondazione Morra.
      This presentation is part of the group show "Largo Baracche a Villa Pignatelli" opening January 17, 2009
      and featuring works by Enzo Cucchi, Jannis Kounellis, Baldo Diodato, Jack Sal, Virginia Ryan, Pino Pipoli,
      Roberto Paci Dalò, Krzysztof Bednarski, Nino Longobardi, Kaf, Davide Arpaia, Celesta Bufano, a.o.
   Better Than Underground: Under Water! (Bratislava, Brussels, Budapest, Praha, Tokyo)
      Participants: the Society of extended
      Locations: Bratislava, Brussels, Budapest, Praha, Tokyo.
      We started in Bratislava with a 2-days workshop, on how to build your own hydrophone.
      Then we field/bath recorded for a week.
      Finally we played a connected piece between Tokyo, Brussels and Bratislava.
      For Art's Birthday. January 17, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm. and
   Cheap Meat Dreams and Acorns presents Winnipeg Sound Machine. (Winnipeg)
      pictures and audio archive available at this link ---> Cheap Meat Dreams and Acorns

      Winnipeg sound artist Ken Gregory presents  a new work in progress for Art's Birthday 2009. Presented
      as a sound installation/performance, Against the Wind( working title) is result of several years research into Aeolian Kite
      Instruments. Winnipeg Sound Machine is an acoustic electro-mechanical system that poetically reproduces the processes involved
       with operating a wind instrument in the field. Receiving the audio recordings from this outdoor instrument, the electro-magnetic sculpture
       not only becomes a poetic and kinetic representation of a sound speaker, but also mirrors the different components of the system used
       to capture the wind's voice. This will be premiered in April 2009 at  Articule in Montreal in association with Elektra 2009.
   Digital Guqin mini-concert/Swannjiejie/ArtsBirthday celebration at sl Digital Guqin Museum  (Paris)
      Event : Presenting Digital Guqin Mobile Museum, Digital Guqin Museum and Friends sl+rl,17 Jan 2009, 8pm Paris time.
      World time January 17, 7:01 pm
      Next venue : sl Digital Guqin Museum site at Daiyu Island, mini concert 45mn, everyone welcome to test play the instrument.
      Play Digital Guqin here!
   HOME FREE | Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse | (Cannon Knitting Mills, Hamilton)
      January 17, 7 pm to January 17, 10 pm Live remixes of Birthday streams.

      Stream/archive at
   Art's Birthday Celebration at Open Space (Victoria)
      Art's Birthday January 17, 7:30 pm to 12 am at Open Space, 510 Fort Street, Victoria, BC, Canada.
      This first celebration of Art's Birthday in Victoria includes a short wonky musical parade of "Happy Birthday" downtown,
      complete with birthday cupcakes for passersby, leading to Open Space at 12 noon for a game of avante musical chairs
      accompanied by video projections and networked commentary. Festivities continue with pin the tail on mystery donkeys,
      a networked performance with Andreas Mueller of Pomodoro Bolzano (Germany) and Normany Lowery (New Jersey).
      With John Boehme, Judy Price, Grace Salez, LaSaM and more. A political panel discussion follows at 2:30 PM with
      Chris Creighton-Kelly, Peter Sandmark and others.  Bring a gift to exchange with Art.  Phone 250.383.8833
   unSafe'n'unSound (Lisboa)
      A group of turists get locked inside a bank safe. An improv radio play, live, on Radio Zero, Lisboa.
      This will be followed by a live concert
      January 17, 8 pm to January 17, 10 pm @ Radio Zero
   Art's Birthday Jubilation at Western Front  (Vancouver)
      Art's Birthday January 17, 10 pm to 1 am at the Luxe Hall, Western Front, 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver,
           FREE EVENT with cash bar
      For this year's event, Western Front presents a fluxus-style framework for gathering, exchange and jubilation:
      A screening of selected video works by the legendary Robert Filliou, followed by a live cupcake decorating contest,
      evaluated by a panel of local art community celebrity judges! Western Front staff will bake the cupcakes for the contest.
      Please bring your own inspired and original supplies for cupcake decoration! Grand prize to be announced.
           Please check for more information.
   SNOWJAM - PAVED Arts  (Saskatoon)
      Starting January 18, 1 am (7pm CST / GMT -6)  ...
      Live audio and visuals at PAVED Arts (Saskatoon, Canada) by local media artists.
      Streamed performances from around the world.
      Relax into the electronic cocoon as the snow piles up...
      watch live stream here
   Video Pool Media Arts presents  Craft Nouveau; a  play on 19th-century Art Nouveau  (Winnipeg)
      Live stream starts tonight at 22:00 GMT-6

      ... inspired by the new media reanimation of materials and textiles in the thrifty queer practices of Freeshow Seymour the
      evening begins with a film screening followed by a live performance.  Dance party to follow, during which we will be enticing
      costumed guests into making their own animations and performance videos using reclaimed velvet, velcro, glitter, feathers,
      noodles, lace and lycra (etc) mediated by turntables, sewing machines, video cameras, monitors and intercity live streaming.
      Saturday January 18, 2 am @ The Royal Albert Arms Hotel   48 Albert St. Winnipeg Canada  Doors open at 8:00 pm
      Deep Lez Film Craft screening at 8:30 pm  followed by a performance of  Lazar Vag Magic, Craft Magic Collage table,
      Video Magic Booth, Costumes, cake, dancing with DJ Co-op and DJ Rob Vilar! Extra special host Cassandra Crossing
       and performances by Owen Head and Lizzi Lala!  $5 with costume, $10 without costume. And did we say .... magic!?
   CKUT & l'Envers: live remote broadcast and Art Cake competition  (Montréal)
      January 18, 2 am to 5 am CKUT 90.3FM presents a live show and broadcast from l'Envers
      featuring Glenn Lewis recreating the Birth of Art with The Unstrument, Gmackrrr with Gambletron,
      Nimalan Yoganathan and friends, Minibloc, Pink Saliva, and Exhaust.
      Preceded by an art-cake contest with Studio XX, OBORO, La Banque, CKUT and more!
               CALL : +49 941 791369 / JANUARY,17TH / 08:00 PM - X (CET)       THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOICE! © PB, D-2009
   Don't Touch The Art: A Sonorium in B-flat Minor for Ondes Martenot and voice
      Andrew Garton will perform Don't Touch The Art: Sonorium in B-flat minor for Ondes Martenot33, solo voice, makam (Turkish
      melodic formulas similar to Western scales / modes) chord generator and hard curve saturation.

      It is said that a child's first sound is often in the key of B-flat minor. Some say the tone that resonates across and
      through the planet is in B-flat minor. If at art's birth, it's first sound were B-flat, it is fitting that at this
      auspicious year, when the earliest of electric sound machines are present, at the turn of a new phase in human
      industrial history, that a sonnet in B-flat is performed on site at the Kulturfabrik Hainburg, Austria, 17 January.
A r t ' s  B i r t h d a y  .  N e t --- is supported by the Western Front Society.
The site is open to all Art's Birthday participants to post their event information.
Send e-mail to artsbirthday (at) gmail (dot) com for more information.