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   Travelling West from the International Dateline
   Art's Birthday in UpStage  |  Wellington  |  Brisbane  |  Cyberspace
      There will be an "art's birthday party" in UpStage on January 17, 9 am (7pm in Brisbane, 10pm in New Zealand).
      We'll be playing "oblique strategies", dancing to the cyber DJ, & consuming BYO drinks & nibbles.
      The stage link will be live from http://www.upstage.org.nz at the starting time of the party.
   Art's Birthday 2010 at Art Lab Nippori East  |  Tokyo
      Taisuke Morishita noise performance “play noise by amp”; Keiko Kamma sound performance installation;
      Izumi Murata performance; Yuko Yamada, and "meguchans" of housemaid of the team and the installation
      And more… January 17, 9 am Art Lab Nippori East 〒116-0014 東京都荒川区東日暮里4-27-11-B1 03-6458-3970/090-3803-1989
   Protension & Retension curated by Tetsuo Kogawa  |  Tokyo, Japan
      A Special Broadcasting from TKU:
      January 18, 4 am - 8:30 am(January 18 13:00-17:30 JST=GMT+9)
      "What'shappened here" and a celebrating cooking by Masaaki Kojima (a master of Italian cooking)
      RealMedia(video & audio): here ( rtsp://anarchy.translocal.jp/encoder/art2010.rm )
      You can interrupt anytime by your Skype. Our account: polymology
   Art's Birthday in YOKOHAMA @ex.Bodega  |  Yokohama
      January 18, 3 am to 5 am It is the Art's Birthday 2010 at "ex.Bodega". "ex.Bodega" called mecca of Yokohama-REGGAE.
      Abstract Experimental Dub sound, Dance, and Network Event. Live in Ustream!
      http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sixsquarebridge  http://www.sixsquarebridge.com  http://www.ex-bodega.com/
   Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts  |  Helsinki
      Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts in Helsinki is celebrating Art´s Birthday
      by re-launching audiovisual blog Maatamo at the 25th hour of 17th of January
      (that is: immediately after the midnight). The texts in the blog are in
      finnish. http://nomadinenakatemia.blogspot.com
   Czech Radio 3 - Vltava / Art's Birthday 2010  |  Prague
      January 17, 7 pm to 9 pm / Czech Radio Art´s Birthday Party 2010 takes places in the Školská 28 Gallery right in the very center of Prague.
      The on-site event features two performance sets by George Cremaschi and Georgy Bagdasarov. Two artists coming from California
      and Kazahstan - more or less immigrants to Czech Republic - have become integral parts of contemporary
      Czech music and sound art scene.                                                          http://www.rozhlas.cz/artsbirthday/2010e
   Kunstradio Art's Birthday 2010! - http://kunstradio.at/PROJECTS/AB2010  |  Graz
      In 2010, the 1,000.047th year of Art's existence, Kunstradio celebrates Art's Birthday with the project
      Social Sound Systems http://socialsound.mur.at / Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum Steiermark http://www.oeffentlichekunststeiermark.at
      and the artist-run-space ESC im Labor http://esc.mur.at in the Austrian regional capital Graz for a two-day-birthday-celebration
      including performances, media installations, a panel discussion, concerts etc. on site, and extending the
      Fete Permanente with the Art’s Birthday network on air and on line.
      Kunstradio's Art's Birthday party is also part of the EBU Ars Acustica parties http://artsbirthday.ebu.ch.
   All Under One Net - Medienkunstlabor  |  Graz
      With "all under one net" we celebrating that we all under one net and need art to define this net as a cultural place. Art was born
      to form cultural spaces of social interactions. Our harvester is something which collects art fruits in form of audio segments and forms
      a sound scuplture out of it, distributing in the net. Being all under one net and not in different nets, wars between nets and cultural
      spaces can be avoided. Harvesting material for preparing and providing it to listeners is a contribution of us harvesting
      robots to human beings, our creators and audio segments a contribution from us humans to robots, our childs. http://medienkunstlabor.at/
   EBU Ars Acustica group http://artsbirthday.ebu.ch  |   Europe on Satellite
      January 17th - 20:00 - 24:00 CET (January 17, 7 pm - 11 pm)
      In 2010 the Ars Acustica group is for the 6th time part of the international Art's Birthday Parties around the world.
      The group has joined the international Art’s Birthday parties in 2004. Since then it organizes the contributed
      contents like most of the participants of the Art’s Birthday Network do - as "presents" for ART. The producers of the
      participating european public national radiostations invite artists to join the Art's Birthday parties around the world
      and to celebrate on site in various locations and cities.
   KunstvereinGRAZ - der Kreis - arts birthday  |  Regensburg
      In the inner circle of KunstvereinGRAZ, located in Regensburg, Germany we celebrate arts birthday. Each member and invited guest
      will prepare a gift for art. The gifts will be sent to the word wide web via Pomodoro Bolzano. Also a video about Max Ernst will be shown.
      With best regards Christian Havlicek and Albert Plank.

   I am waiting in a room (with Blumlein) - An invitation by Mobile Radio  |  Ürzig
      January 17, 5 pm to 11 pm
      Mobile Radio offers a remote echo chamber, our attic studio in the small village of Ürzig in Germany.
      We pick up streams, put it through speakers and send it on in our stream using mid-side miking to celebrate Alan Blumlein
      for inventing stereo. Contact Knut to stream back to us, make a feedback loop and tip our hats to Alvin Lucier. Listen here.
   Mess'o-cables  |  Brussels
      15-16-17 January: three days for Art's Birthday's sake...
      Just people coming and going, bringing presents and singing a song. like a real birthday party should be...
      Since everyone is an artist, everyone loves art's birthday...
      For more info, the schedule, and the stream, hit http://okno.be
   YES ! ( i love art ) - Ward Weis  |  Antwerp
      On 17 January 2010, the M  HKA (the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp) will yet again celebrate ART’S BIRTHDAY in Antwerp.
      At the museum Ward Weis will perform Filliou’s HISTOIRE CHUCHOTÉE DE L'ART throughout that day in a landscape comprising
      myriads of microphones and loudspeakers. We want you to collaborate and be part of this sound-installation, by contributing
      your very own interpretation of this text.
                                                                             see: http://www.marabou.be/ABD2010
   ART'S BIRTHDAY AT M HKA  |  Antwerp
      January 17, 1 pm: State of the union by Dorian Van der Brempt and talk with Chantal Pattyn
      2:30 pm - 3 pm: Powerhouse with Philippe Metten and Tim Vanhamel
      3 pm - 5 pm: DJ Zebra
      Continuous: Whispered Art History by Ward Weis in cooperation with Wilfries Bossier, International Feature Conference Klaas Janssens, Ronny Pringels,
      Florsi Van Manen, Winterbar NICC, Birthday Cake by Annemie Van Kerckhoven, bubbles, Art's Birthdayparty for kids at hetSalon
   ART'S-BIRTHDAY-2010-HAT-PARTY  |  Antwerp
      join !
      make your own ART'S-BIRTHDAY HAT
      send its photographs to
   HuaHui MobileMusic with guqin players
      Arts Birthday event,
      Guqin players - real life or virtual world players - are invited to gather around the HuaHui MobileMusic
      Everybody prepares their microphone and play live one or two melodies
      Those without real instruments and are not playing live could play the sl guqin - the Dark Plum Hundun
      or the Shosoin a guqin currently locked behind a Museum in Nara.
   Art's Birthday 2010 UK  |  Swansea
      ~The Audible Picture Show curated by Matt Hulse.
      ~Stylophone Orchestra of Great Britain  plus  Barrie Hole's Hitlist Presents Andy Candles & The Party Poppers
        And more. Much, much more... January 15, 1 pm / January 16, 10 am and 7 pm / January 17, 6 pm.
        Details at  http://www.artsbirthdayuk.blogspot.com
   Art's Birthday with East Street Arts, Leeds and ArtBloc  |  York UK
      January 16, 9 am-5 pm & January 17, 9 am-late York based contemporary arts collective, Art Bloc http://thisisartbloc.wordpress.com and East Street Arts (ESA)
      http://www.esaweb.org.uk, Leeds will celebrate Art’s 1,000,047th Birthday at Patrick Studios in Leeds. Programme includes all day
      'Open Situations for Performance' workshop on Saturday and all-day party with cakes, games, Cyber cafe, Disco Poi Poi
      and many more on Sunday. For further information please go to http://www.esaweb.org.uk/page.asp?sectionIdentifier=2008721_44633120
   Art's Birthday España 2010 | Madrid
      We have an appointment in the very center of Madrid to do a minute of noise for the art birthday.
      January 17th, 2010 http://artsbirthdayspain.blogspot.com/
   New York City Birthday Party for Art! Hosted by Town Hall Meeting and Parlour  |  New York City
      Grassroots art organizations, Parlour and Town Hall Meeting -  will collaborate to celebrate Art's 1,000,047th Birthday in New York City, and invite you to bring or send a gift for Art.
      Join us on Sunday January 17, 7 pm - 10 pm @ 85 Downing Street, Brooklyn, New York 11238
      This gift can be any-thing, and will be presented, exhibited and enjoyed by all at this globally-linked birthday party.
      Gifts can be brought to the event on the day of, or sent to: Arts Birthday, PO BOX 1220, NY, NY 10159
      For more info please visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arts-Birthday/218319368192
   Art's Birthday CKUT-style | Montreal, QC
      Join us January 17, 1 am to 7 am to Ring in Art's Birthday at l'Envers. We'll have a Party * DJs * Art-Cake Contest
      * Art-of-Kissing Booth * Music * Film * Dance * Installations * Shadow Puppetry * Mystery Midnight Performance
      * Les rêves (Xarah Dion & Emilie Mouchous) * Gambletron * John Heward * Stefan Christoff + friends * and more!
      For more information: http://www.ckut.ca
   Art's Birthday Party  |  Kingston Ontario Canada
      Live from Kingston Ontario, it's Art's Birthday 2010! We are pleased to be sending you a videocast
      from our party with live performance by the band TimKnightUs, and playback of new Filliou "Whispered
      History" cutups by Matt Rogalsky's electroacoustic music students from Queen's University.
      The party is on January 17, 7 pm to 10 pm. You can dial us in here: http://justin.tv/artsbirthdaykingston
   New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) / Art's Birthday 2010  |  Mississauga
      On January 16, 5 pm to 10 pm NAISA and the City of Mississauga Culture Division will serve up an audio feast at the
      Erin Meadows Community Centre in Mississauga Ontario. While local sound and media artists perform, special guests will
      be beamed in via the Internet from around the world. Bound not by transmission medium, weather or creative genre, Art's
      Birthday will be a feast of the acoustic imagination. For more information visit: http://naisa.ca/art_birthday/.
   New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) / Art's Birthday 2010  |  Toronto
      NAISA will host a celebration at the Artscape Wychwood Barns in Toronto on January 17, 5 pm to 10 pm. There will be hands
      on art-making; interactive fun + games; performances by local artists, musicians, storytellers, and organizations from
      the Wychwood Barns; a live internet broadcast; roving reporter John Coburn; and artist’s demonstrations.
      For a full schedule visit: http://naisa.ca/art_birthday/.
   Happy Birthday Art!  |  Hamilton
      Window display celebrating Art's Birthday in our soon to be renovated mainspace gallery.  Happy Birthday Art!
      For more information about Hamilton Artists Inc. and the Windows by Artists space in our soon to be renovated building,
      please visit http://www.hamiltonartistsinc.on.ca   Happy celebrations artists and cultural workers~!
   Video Pool presents Art's Birthday: Retro Future  |  Winnipeg
      Come celebrate Winnipeg's edition of the Milky Way's best out-of-this-world international/intergalactic networked party.
      Art turns 1,000,047 years old this year, and we are throwing the party of the year with music and dancing in our immersive video environment!
      Music by DJ Rob Vilar!!!    Streaming at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/art-s-birthday-video-pool-style
      Featuring a Retro Future film and video screening curated by Clint Enns at January 17, 3 am
      Tubular futuristic raffle prizes! Birthday cake contest! Prizes for best costumes! International video streaming!
      At Video Pool    300- 100 Arthur St.    Doors open at 8pm.       Party until late!
      Admission at the door: $5 with costume, $10 without.
   Neutral Ground presents Art's Birthday Gala  |  Regina
      January 17, 7 pm to January 18, 7 am Live electronic performances from members of Dorkbot Regina to celebrate Art's birthday and launch the 2010 New Music Concert
      Series at Neutral Ground Gallery. Dorkbot Regina is an audio/video/media experimentation and performance collective operating from the Soil Digital Media
      Lab. This performance features Ryan Hill, Ernie Dulanowsky, Jeff Morton, John Hampton, and Erin Gee, among other local media artists.
      More information at:  http://www.neutralground.sk.ca
      Video and Audio Stream:  http://www.nglive.ca/artsbirthday
   Laptop Party  |  Saskatoon
      PAVED Arts (Saskatoon, Canada) is hosting Heidi Phillips Laptop Party, January 17, 2 am - 5 am
      Reveal your avatar at this year's Art's Birthday Party! Collaborate with Video Pool members from Winnipeg using social
      networking tools. Laptop Party emerged out of a desire to facilitate bringing people together in real-time using the
      laptop as a mediator. We're interested in social behavioural changes given the current technological climate.
      Using anti-social tools to spear social interaction in the classic party form of art making. Join us in maintaining
      continuous partial attention with friends! catch the stream-> http://www.pavedarts.ca
   Arts Birthday  |  Edmonton
      Beams are celebrating Arts Birthday Edmonton Style
       follow this
      January 17, 2 am - 5 am
      EMMEDIA, presents an all-night Media Art CRASH!  A series of generative and participatory installations that reflect and celebrate the Eternal Network of Permanent Creation.
      DORKBOT: "Throwie" Making and Performance Workshop. participants will perform the Fluxus script "Audience Eve" by Henning Christiansen. // INCANTATION By Scott Rogers, is a light and audio installation. Somewhere between open mic, karaoke, speakers corner, and a rave, the piece engages overlooked spaces to literally communicate through and with our existing built environment.
      VIDEO ZINE NIGHT //  DISCORD: Open Noise Jam // HARP By Robyn Moody: A high-tech harp, whose "strings" are laser beams which appear as 24 lines of red light laser beams, each emitting a sound when the corresponding laser beam is "plucked" or "strummed". The beams can be played as a harp, but in this case the tones produced are phonemes – the building blocks of language.
      PIKA-PIKA: a stop-motion animation technique combining long exposure photography and flashlights for participants to "light-paint" each frame.
   Art's Birthday 2010 at Centre A  |  Vancouver
      Centre A opens its 2010 program on January 17th, 2010 with a celebration of Art's 1,000,047th Birthday.
      From January 17, 8 pm to January 18, 6 am, featuring cooking performance, video projection, telecommunications-art,
      interview and light-making workshop, this event will be live broadcasted on the Internet at http://tiny.cc/centrea.
      An elegant Guatemalan bean-based dinner, tea and additional refreshments will be served.

      For details: http://www.centrea.org
   Western Front - Bring your Art's Birthday Presence!  |  Vancouver
      From January 18, 4 am to 7 am 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
      Noise, performance and experimental music with Soressa Gardner, Prophecy Sun, Glaciers, and French Dogs.
   absolute value of noise | Resonant Elf  |  Vancouver
      Streaming at http://giss.tv:8000/noiseart.mp3 from midnight to midnight PST (January 17, 8 am to 8 am)

      Using two large magnetic field coils, Resonant Elf plays with the feedback of an extremely-low-frequency
      radio transmitter and receiver. More info at http://absolutevalueofnoise.ca.
   LaSaM: Art's Birthday January 16 and 17, 2010  |  Victoria, Canada
      LaSaM and guests present 3 events for the 2010 celebration of the Birthday of Art in Victoria, Canada:
      January 17, 4 am is an audio-visual performance party extravaganza with James Player, Brian Stubbs, George Tzanetakis, Tina Pearson, Chris Reiche, Seaweedhead and others.
      January 17, 1 pm - 4 pm (yes - early morning) is the realization of Yoko Ono's Secret Piece at Durrance Lake.
      January 17, 7 pm is a Sounding Walk and Yoko Ono's YES piece in downtown Victoria.
      See http://www.myspace.com/lasammusic for details.

   A r t ' s  B i r t h d a y  .  N e t --- is supported by the Western Front Society.
   The site is open to all Art's Birthday participants to post their event information.