--- J a n u a r y  1 5  t o  17 --- 
   --- r a d i o --- s a t e l l i t e --- s t r e a m i n g --- b r e a k f a s t --- d i n n e r --- p a r t i e s --- c a k e !!! ---

   The theme for AB 2017 is "Cross-Current" as in swimming against the mainstream (or perhaps swimming across the mainstream).

   Scheduled times are in Your Local Time (which the machine thinks is 12:42 AM. If this is wrong, go to the Set Your Timezone page)
   (Travelling West from the International Dateline)
   Art Lab | Tokyo (139º 41' E)
      17th January there will be a performance, included during the exhibition (from 16th to 23rd) at Art Lab Tokyo. About 20 artists participate. 
      They will do a poetry reading from the noise art at the gallery on 17th January and engage in a simultaneous improvisation.
      Participating Artists Noboru Owada, Saori Kawano, Keiko Kamma, Takashi, Sakurai,Kentaro Chiba, Don Chow,Izumi Murata, Taisuke Morishita, Michiko Yoshinari, Rei Shibusawa, Eitaro Miyajima,Emi Makida, Salom Neuman, Kevin Jones, other
      http://www.facebook.com/events/381102048918712/ | http://art-lab.jp/alab_115.htm
      Now playing Art's birthday from tokyo by web camera. Please login my FB page top content. thank you  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000509529810
      or https://www.facebook.com/Art-Lab-TOKYO-182062231994863/
      time table: Taisuke Morishita, Noboru Owada, Izumi Murata, Takashi Sakurai, Keiko Kamma, Michiko Yoshinari, Rei Shibusawa, Taisuke Morishita, Saori Kawano, Keiko Kamma
   Art's Birthday 2017 /// BRNO /// Czech Republic (16º 36' E)
      January 17, 3 pm to 11 pm | one place, four institutuins and quite a bit activities 
      | premiered piece RADIATION 20161028 by Tomas Vtipil with Brno Contemporary Orchestra ensemble | birthday cake 
      | B4 band and the most famous songs of the Plastic People of the Universe | two performances by Richard Fajnor and Thomas&Ruhller
      | sound instalation VKV/radio interations | one birthday workshop for kids  :-) | physic poem by Petr Vasa | and many other gifts....
      | more on AB.ROZHLAS.CZ
   Kunstradio Art's Birthday Performance | Vienna (16º 22' E)
      January 17, 7:20 pm 
      'virtually impossible' by Bernhard Breuer in Vienna, with Josef Klammer in Graz and Pavel Fajt in Brno.
      RadioKulturhaus Wien, Argentinierstrasse 30a, A-1040 Vienna and esc medien Kunst Labor Graz.
      More info: http://kunstradio.at/PROJECTS/AB2017
      In a concentrated concert situation in Studio 3 at the ORF Funkhaus in Vienna, he will play in front of the audience, 
      while being connected with Josef Klammer in esc medien kunst labor Graz and Pavel Fajt in Brno via ISDN and Webstream.
   Art's Birthday at the Kra | Vysočina (15º 38' E)
      The sky is clear, the sounds dim at a distance. The culture of listening to birds and radio waves. More later as we don't want to organize much just play and party, bring a gift and enjoy the day. 
      The DJ's are at http://absolutevalueofnoise.ca/2017_luminiferous/index.html, but feel free to visit http://kra.land anytime! Esp. on the 17th of January 2017!
   Imperfect Reconstruction | Graz (15º 26' E)
      Live from the audio visual installation Imperfect Reconstruction in Graz,Austria at esc media art laboratory
      Sound performances by: "virtually impossible" by Bernhard Breuer with Pavel Fajt and Josef Klammer, Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka and Peter Venus,
      David Pirro and HannsHolger Rutz, Reni and Jogi Hofmueller
      live broadcast at Radio Helsinki, http://helsinki.at and OE1 Kunstradio ORF
   Sleep koncert + ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO by radioCona, Ljubljana, Slovenia (14° 30' E)
      Tuesday January 17, 7 pm to January 18, 12 am @ Kino Šiška, Komuna with FM broadcast on 88.8MHz and stream.
      Stream link: http://goo.gl/PyuZBe
      Sleep koncert + ZVO.ČI.TI so.und.ing DUO is part of FM exhibition radioCona:wolFMoon
      Produced by radioCona (a CONA production) in collaboration with RTV SLO -ARS program and Kinošiška
   STUFF AND NONSENSE | Berlin (13º 24' E)
      Nomadic Academy's Art's Birthday in Berlin, Gallery HilbertRaum (Reuterstrasse 31, U Hermannplatz)
      January 17th, from 18:00 to 22:00 
      Elia, Joonas Jokiranta, Terhi Nieminen, Mimosa Pale, Ben Richter, Johanna Raekallio, Jussi Suvanto, Johanna Tauber, Kari Yli-Annala et al. 
      Performances, moving images, music, an art installation and of course cake and paper hats for all!
      http://www.hilbertraum.org http://www.nomadinenakatemia.blogspot.com http://www.benrichtermusic.com
   Art's Birthday at Usmaradio ! Italy / San Marino (12º 34' E)
      January 17, 8pm - 9pm CET. The italian & San Marino contribution to AB2017. Roberto Paci Dalo, Stefano Spada, a.o. performing from the Giardini Pensili's campfire in Rimini. 
      Introducing USMARADIO which will officialy start its programs on February 14, 2017. Wine, cakes, and more. Stream: http://usmaradio.org
   #artyheartclub - AberregenBridgeDeenburg | Aberdeen (2º 5' W) <-> Regensburg (12º 6' E)
      Pomodoro Bolzano and The Anatomy Rooms are happy to invite you to take part in art.birthday 1.000.054. 
      Two simultaneous parties in Aberdeen/Scotland and Regensburg/Germany connected by cake exchange, skyping swivel chairs, 
      Lonely Arts Club and #artyheartclub feed on Instagram. Party starts at January 17, 7 pm, which equals 6 pm in Aberdeen.
      Pomodoro Bolzano @Werkstatt LaLinea, Villastr. 3, Regensburg – The Anatomy Rooms, Queen Street, Aberdeen
   SWR2 & E-WERK Art's Birthday | Freiburg (7º 50' E)
      January 14, 6 pm to January 15, 12 am
      SWR2 in cooperation with E-Werk Freiburg will celebrate Art's Birthday on line and on site (E-Werk, Freiburg).
      With Lucrecia Dalt, Jenny Hval, Farbenfroh, Irene Maag, Teresa Grebtschenko, Florian Walter & Achim Zepezauer, Gaspard Hers, Violet, Melody Chua, Daniel Bisig & Ephraim Wegner, The Wombshifter, Michel Winterberg, Marc Matter & Tom White, Polytheistic Ensemble and others.
      And on air in SWR2 January 14, 9:03 pm to January 14, 11:30 pm  
      Video-Livestream (each single video of the performances, concerts, etc. will be available online by January 17th)
      Credits, streaming and full information: http://SWR2.de/artsbirthday
   KunstRaumBrebach - Geburtstag der Kunst | Brebach (7º 3' E)
      January 17, 4:17 pm (17:17 CET)  Saarbücker Straße 43, 66130 Brebach
   Lokal Harmonie | Duisburg (6º 45' E)
      January 17, 7 pm to January 17, 8:40 pm at Local Harmonie - Harmoniestr. 41, 47119 Duisburg
      Art's Birthday at Lokal Harmonie
   FOLD A HAT | Antwerp (4º 24' E)
      don't forget to fold hats and send a photograph of it to fold_a_hat@planktone.be !!!
   OGELEN in F | Antwerp (4º 24' E)
      Robert Filliou observed birds. He imitated their singing.
      "OGELEN in F" is listening to Robert Filliou and his birds.
      Saxophonist Andre Goudbeek improvises within this setting surrounded by sounds of imagined sounds birds.
      "OGELEN in F" is performed at MUHKA / Antwerp  http://planktone.be/abd/2017
   Euroradio Art's Birthday 2017 (in Orbit via Satellite)
      January 17, 7 pm to 11 pm
      In 2017 the EURORADIO Ars Acustica group is for the 13th time part of the international Art's Birthday Parties 
      around the world and will celebrate the 54nd birthday of art all over Europe! 
      More Information: http://artsbirthday.ebu.ch
   Art Altar & Sonic Meditation for Art's Birthday (0º 7' W)
      January 15, 1 pm Springfield Park Bandstand, London 
      To bring together our artistic inspirations and nemeses alike, to exorcise them all and bring forth good things for art in the coming year. Art is under threat, let's celebrate it now 
      and summon its power to forge new artistic visions and pathways! Bring an offering to place at Art's Altar to be softened and prepared for Art in the coming year, or sent off into 
      other realms. Following performance of three Pauline Oliveros compositions, there will be a musical ceremonial cathartic finale.
      LIVE STREAM HERE - tune in! January 15, 12:55 pm: http://www.internet-radio.com/station/breathingspace/
   Autohypnosis Project | Zaragoza Spain (0º 63' W)
      1 minute autohypnosis Project http://www.mutesound.org/1_minute_project/
      Send us a minute of sound in any system by mail or e-mail.
      Visit our webpage http://www.mutesound.org/?page_id=83
      Regards, Pedro
      Pedro Bericat, P.O.BOX 4033, 50080 Zaragoza, Spain
   Art's Birthday, Wales @ Oxfam Bookshop, Castle Street | Swansea (3º 56' W)
      A week of events from January 14th-22nd
      Sunday 15th January, 2pm-4pm: Afternoon Tea and Opening of Kelly Boler's exhibition of handmade artist's books, altered art and mixed media pocket shrines. Exhibition runs until January 25th.
      Tuesday 17th January, 12.30-1.30pm: Mini book-making workshop with Kelly Boler. Free and open to all. All Day: Art Books Sale and another explosion of the Amazing Suitcase Of Stuff! PLUS: Free Art Books To Be Found Across Swansea!
      Saturday 21st January, 11am-3pm: Lace Making Workshops. Free and Open to all.
      Sunday 22nd January, 12-3pm Knitting Day! KnitalongaBeth with our craftswoman in residence, Bethan Havard.
   Altered Book Arts Exhibition  | Swansea (3º 56' W)
      Altered Book Artist Kelly Boler and Oxfam celebrate Art's Birthday with an exhibition of altered book art and a variety of mixed-media, altered art. 
      The exhibition runs from January 17 - 25 and will kick off on Sunday, January 17, with an open house from 3 pm to 5 pm. 
      Join us for tea, wine, and nibbles, and the chance to win several prizes. Contact: Kelly Boler at +44 792 807 8866.
      Oxfam Bookstore in Castle Square, Swansea, Wales
   Kemper Art's Birthday 2017 | Quimper (4º 6′ W)
      Atelier jardin zen au fils de l'eau, impressions de monotypes, organique; atelier ouvert et libre, venez prendre deux heures au meilleur moment de la journée pour vous, 
      entre 10h et 18h30, à l'Effet Papillon; repartez avec vos créations pour l'anniversaire des Arts! HAPPY 2017 !  22 rue de Douarnenez FR-29000 QUIMPER
   Surprise party celebrating the 1,000,054th anniversary of art hosted by LB (73º 56' W)
      Friday January 13, 7PM EST. LIC
      the 1,000,054th Anniversary of Art!
   Art's Birthday Party, Kingston Ontario Canada (76° 29' W)
      The Union Gallery and the Tone Deaf Collective invite you for birthday cake January 17, 8 pm and a 
      short performance January 17, 8:30 pm featuring Matt Rogalsky live-processing Robert Filliou's 
      "Whispered Art History". We will be live streaming during the performance using Facebook Live, 
      from www.facebook.com/tonedeafygk
   ds106radio loves Art | Fredericksburg, Va (77º 27' W)
      #ds106radio is a freeform, live streaming station that has been setup for http://ds106.us - the open digital storytelling course.  It is being used as a platform to broadcast 
      the work being created in the class, and a space for live broadcasts as well as for programming shows.  For #artsbirthday the stream will be syndicating recordings of sound art 
      from across the globe and offers open access to the stream for anyone that would like to connect and broadcast their own art/event/signals.  As long as someone else in the 
      world is not broadcasting live, you will be able to connect and do so yourself.
      For instructions on how to broadcast live to the stream see http://bit.ly/ds106radiolovesart
   Carbon Sugar Air by Instant Places with Tina Pearson - Presented by New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) | Toronto (79º 2' W)
      Instant Places will be joined by guest Tina Pearson in a telematic improvisation using the installation Carbon Sugar Air. 
      The performance will be occur at January 17, 10:40 pm during the Art's Birthday EURORADIO Broadcast hosted by Kunstradio in Vienna http://artsbirthday.ebu.ch/. 
      Carbon Sugar Air will continue to run as an online installation after January 17 at http://carbon.naisa.ca/ as part of NAISA's Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art.
   Herd by Jeneen Frei Njootli, Presented by White Water Gallery and NAISA (79º 27' W)
      Herd by Jeneen Frei Njootli is a performance at January 17, 11:45 pm which will be aired live on NAISA Radio
       http://www.naisa.ca/naisa-radio/ in a special Art's Birthday broadcast from White Water Gallery during the opening of 
      the exhibition wnoondwaamin | we hear them. http://whitewatergallery.com/programming/wnoondwaamin-we-hear-them/
   Neutral Ground | Regina (104° 37' W)
      January 22, 3 am  Part of Neutral Ground's New Music Concert Series, this year Art's Birthday takes place on a Saturday night! Join us this January 21, 2017, for music 
      and live video organized by Ian Campbell. Dance party to follow! Tickets are available in advance to help support our fund-raising projects and to buy more CAKE!
   BEAMS presents Art's Birthday Edmonton 2017 (113º 29' W)
      In Edmonton, Canada, local musicians pair up with works by overseas composers for a night of improv and experimentation.
      Locals include Allison Balcetis, Harshmellow, Himiko, Gene Kosowan, Mike Ross, SkruntSkrunt and Dave Wall.
      Composers are Dai Fujikura, Hari Maia, Marymotto, Mental Escape Pod, Nobodisoundz, James Shearman and Tamayurakurage.
      Event is $10 and takes place at the Ortona (9722-102 Ave.) Sat. Jan. 14 at 8 p.m. http://blog.beams.ca
   Kraland <-> Lotusland | Vysočina (15º 38' E) <-> Vancouver (123º 7' W)
      From the vales of Kra Land to the mountain peaks of Lotus Land, two horn players simulate the sounds of the airways in between - the odd tunings of radio waves, 
      the sound of angels bouncing off the stratosphere, and the noise of birds circling among the clouds. Absolute Value of Noise: cornet. Gívan Belá: pocket trumpet.
      An endless radio stream on NoiseartRadio http://absolutevalueofnoise.ca January 16, 8 am to January 18, 8 am
   24 Hours of Radio Art! On CITR FM | Vancouver (123º 7' W)
      January 17, 2 pm to January 18, 2 pm 24 Hours of Radio Art on CITR FM
      Absolute Value of Noise + Gívan Bela, Bepi Crespan, Sarah Lapsley, Scant Intone, Adam Frank, Chrissy P, Duncan Maunder, Lee Hutzulak, Hank Bull, 
      Josh Gabert-Doyon, s*, Brit Bachmann, Randophonic, GAK, prOphecy sun, Simon Welton, Autonomy, Souns, Alexander Moskos, Goulash, Lit Lit Lit Lit.
      Listen Here: http://www.citr.ca
      at http://artsbirthday2017.peacebiennale.info. From January 16, 10 am LINT/UTC+14 in Kiritimati, Kiribati to January 18, 11 am NUT/UTC-11 Alofi, Niue. 
      Join the online conversation anytime, it will be online indefinitely.

   The site is open to all Art's Birthday participants to post their event information.
   Website supported by the Western Front Society.