Arts Birthday 2019

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January 12 - 19

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  • Tokyo, Japan | 139.69 E

    Art Lab Tokyo | Art's Birthday TOKYO 2019


    17th January, It will hold a performance, including during the exhibition (from 15th to 20th) at Art Lab Tokyo. About 20 artists participate. They do until the poetry reading from the noise art at the gallery on 17th January and they engaged in a simultaneous improvisation at.

  • Helsinki | 24.94º E

    Nomadic academy of experimental arts | Carte blanche à Joonas Jokiranta


    We have invited artist Joonas Jokiranta to the house on the corner of Inkoonkatu and Porvoonkatu to arrange an event. Paper hat workshop, performance, cake, video ROBIN HOLGERSSON, free associative congregation! Welcome! Send message to +358504318898 if you are nearby and willing to join us.

  • Opava | 17.89º E

    Bludný kámen | Art's Birthday Opava (CZ)


    ►art party ►exhibition of art students ►performance ►screening ►experimental music ►collective love ►czech art ►young art ►tradition ►dada

  • Vienna | 16.37º E

    Ö1 Kunstradio | Ö1 Kunstradio's Art's Birthday Party


    The following artists have confirmed their participation and are getting their gifts ready for the big evening on 17th January: Martin Brandlmayr & Nicholas Bussmann with the piano robot by Winfried Ritsch, Bela Brillowska & Felix Kubin, Electric Indigo, Mirre M & Luma.Launisch and venerasinn.

  • St. Pölten, Austria | 15.64º E

    IMA | IMAge-to-Poem Service


    A neural network writes poetry. The poems are generated from images which you can submit on our website or via Twitter (hashtag #image2poem). At our party we will add pictures from the exhibition at Wahlbüro XX Techné 6.0 and we will produce the audio stream for EBU Euroradio. It's time for Art to reproduce itself!

  • Graz | 15.44º E

    esc medien kunst labor | 1.000.056 Years from now


    Performance of Nomadic Producers (Seppo Gründler & Rupert Lehofer) Live Broadcast from the Installation sofa68 by Seppo Gründler Guts & Faders (Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka & Peter Venus) Vera Sebert, Zihuantan; Moderation: Reni Hofmüller

  • Hranice (Czech countryside) & Berlin (German city) | 15.38º E and 13.24º E

    Gívan Belá & Geza Roman Bobb | The Oggmented Konnectid Instrument Konsort (OKIK)


    In the beginning years of the preparation for a long lasting homage to dystopia, planned in 2059-2064, Givan Belá & Geza Roman Bobb participated on 2019-01-18 in the Art's Birthday celebrations. A historical account, a future memory, a past projected present…

  • Prague | 14.44º E

    R(A)DIO(CUSTICA) | Art's Birthday 2019 PRAGUE / Czech Radio


    Minifestival with its many gifts of many words – desemanticized acoustic units and sounds or objects which carry meaning – will be based on the current state of things, on the constellation of place and situation in the venue of Trade Fair Palace of National gallery in Prague. More than 20 artists wil do 7 sound performaces together.

  • Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) | 13.34º E

    SWR2 | E-WERK Freiburg | Art's Birthday


    With Barbara Morgenstern + Christian Biegai | Mary Ocher + Your Government | Blackforest Percussion Group | Ulrike Brand, Tomomi Adachi & Ingo Reulecke | Cie LaPerformance | Magalie Ehlinger & Maxime Peltier | Ensemble Rot | Leo Hofmann | Stephan Karrer | Marc Matter & Andreas Bülhoff | Louisa Marxen | Johannes Mühl | Jérôme Rich & Marlon Saquet | Johannes Willi | Hochschule Macromedia Freiburg | DJ shluchT | DJ Puddle and others

  • Rome | 12.49º E

    Macro Asilo | L'Histoire millimétré de l'Art


    It has been 56 years since the French artist Robert Filliou, close to the Fluxus movement, imagined that art could have a birthday, which he arbitrarily set a million years earlier and celebrated on his birthday, January 17. This fantastic and subversive anniversary is celebrated all over the world with concerts and events. In Rome, Aldo Spinelli will commemorate it with a work made up of 1,000,056 items produced in front of the public with different techniques and with the graph paper as the only common denominator.

  • Republic of San Marino | 12.46º E



    A group of musicians sitting around a table in the Usmaradio's studio on the top of the mountain of San Marino. Words, sounds, voices, musical instruments. A little serendipity party.

  • Regensburg GER | 12.10º E

    Pomodoro Bolzano | Thank You For Your Voice


    Calls from the past - selected traxxx from art.birthday 2001–2009! sounds by Jori Tokyo and Loopland. 8 years of connectedness & art.birthday happiness via ansaphone. Pls feel invited to drop by our art’s birthday celebrations if you are in the area. Offline_Location: lalinea - Villastrasse 3

  • Munich | 11.58º E

    KlangBuero | AB 1Mio56 2k19 Internetsession


    We‘ll meet online on JAMULUS Software from GNU license http://llcon.sourceforge.net and Jam in all Styles and Genres, most liked noise and no-music!

  • Koeln | 6.96º E

    Experimental Music Workshop | Soundings #014


    to celebrate arts birthday, the experimental music workshop of the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne directed by hans w. koch, will produce a concert with works by the participants, john cage, alvin lucier and peter behrendsen as guest. the evening takes place in the beautiful brutalist st. gertrud church and is part of the “soundings” series of the academies sound department.

  • Antwerpen | 4.40º E

    M HKA | Art's Birthday 2019


    In 1963 Fluxus artist Robert Filliou proclaimed his birthday the official birthday of art. He made this statement in a Parisian bar and it grew into various Art's Birthday celebrations worldwide. This year the M HKA is organizing the feast for the 11th time in the honor of art.

  • World

    Planktone | Fold a Hat


    FOLD A HAT. Make a piece of art of it. Take photo and send it to hats@planktone.be. We add it to our HATs collection.

  • Space



    It’s a surprise … . It can be anything. But is will be present for ART. That’s all we can tell. That’s all we know HAPPY BIRTHDAY ART !

  • Europe and radio waves

    Euroradio EBU Ars Acustica Group | EBU Art's Birtdhay


    It will be 1.000.056th anniversary of art. It will be Euroradio Ars Acustica Special Evening. It will be Robert Fillou’s birthday. It will be acoustic celebration. It will be broadcasted. It will be global event. It will be…

  • Springfield Park Bandstand London | 0.13º W

    Art's Altar | For Dreaming & Awakening


    This year we will step over the threshold to enter into the dream realm, where creation and transformation are paramount to bring forth new futures and awakened realities for the coming year. There will be participatory sound making, hat making, performances, Sonic Meditations, and a musical ceremonial cathartic finale of singing, burning, smashing, and laughing. LIVE STREAM HERE FROM 12PM (GMT) THIS SATURDAY: https://www.internet-radio.com/station/binauraldemo/

  • BORDEAUX | 0.58º W




  • Zaragoza (Spain) | 0.89º W

    Mute Sound (Pedro Bericat) | Art's Birthday 2019 Tribute to Robert Filliou in an old candy shop


    Tribute to Robert Filliou in an old candy shop. Several sound and image artists

  • Newcastle, UK | 1.62º W

    CIRCA Projects | Festival of the NOT


    CIRCA Projects present Festival of the Not at the Star and Shadow Cinema; four days of sound, performance and visual experiments for you to view, participate in, discuss and share together with us. Our launch night, held on Art's Birthday shares especially created artworks and performances by Anne-James Chaton, Christo Wallers, Kim Coleman, Deborah Bower & Janina Sabaliauskaite, Film Bee, John W. Fail and Louwrien Wijers. We will be streaming video of the event between 8-11pm (UK time).

  • Swansea | 3.94º W

    Oxfam Swansea | Castle Street Arts


    Thursday 17th - Art Books hidden around Swansea! See http://www.twitter.com/oxfamcastlest for visual clues on the day!   Saturday 19th - Lacemaking workshop - For beginners or skilled crafters!   In Oxfam, 34 Castle Street, Swansea SA1 1HZ. UK. 10.30-14.30   PLUS The Art Of Solidarity! Banners/Placards/#SafeRefugeForOtis

  • Brooklyn, NY | 73.94º W

    demomento.net | micro-Retrospective in a Paper Hat


    A particular celebration, in reference to Robert Filliou's gallery in a hat to celebrate the 1,000,056th Art's birth.

  • Vieux Hull, Quebec | 75.71º W

    Instant Places | POD DREAMERS RADIO HOME


    Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse (aka Instant Places) present POD DREAMERS RADIO HOME, a generative A/V installation streaming 24/7 from Vieux Hull, Quebec. Webcast performance January 18 at 2PM EST with Sound of the Mountain <https://mwrecs.com/sound-of-the-mountain> and Instant Places <http://instantplaces.ca/Music/Photos.html>.

  • Kingston Ontario Canada | 76.49º W

    Tone Deaf Collective // Union Gallery | Art's Birthday Party


    A celebration of Art at the Union Gallery, at Queen's University in Kingston Ontario! There will be cake and performances/screenings by student filmmakers and composers.

  • South River, Ontario, Canada | 79.38º W

    New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) | Art's Birthday anyWare Broadcast


    NAISA celebrates the opening of the anyWare distributed media sculpture by Jane Tingley, Cindy Poremba and Marius Kintel. A special guest will connect to NAISA remotely and collaborate with those at NAISA to play the anyWare sculpture. Listening in to the interaction will be a Satellite radio audience in Europe as part of the Euroradio Ars Acustica special broadcast of Art's Birthday parties from around the world.

  • Regina, Saskatchewan | 104.62º W

    Neutral Ground Artist Run Centre & Holophon Audio Arts | Art's Birthday 2019


    An evening of music and media art featuring performances by: Witchknife, Ygretz, E. Dulanowsky (Pulsewidth), Ian Campbell and Lost in Transcription. Visual projections by Ryan Hill (Guidewire). Late night DJs: VC Vibes (Jon Vaughn) + DJ Bed Bugs (Simon Fuh). +door prizes+birthday cake+cash bar+snacks. Arts Birthday is a yearly fundraiser for Neutral Ground and Holophon - $10 at the door!

  • Edmonton | 113.48º W

    BEAMS | Art's Birthday Edmonton 2019


    Hosting the city's celebrations of this international event since 2008, the Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society kicks off a second decade of festivities with artists performing in a wide array of genres from electroacoustic and experimental to ambient and avant-garde. Aside from the variety of material to be played, this time, expect a stronger visual arts presence with an art sale of local works and a series of video clips which will have live, sonic accompaniment. Ortona Arts Armoury, 9924-102 Street, Edmonton AB Canada (all ages, $10, BEAMS members $5).

  • Vancouver | 123.1º W

    Deanne Achong | piquette's dreams


    THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE ASLEEP AND SOMEONE AWAKE… Based upon this classic Filliou / Brecht text, Deanne Achong will create live stories and posts on Instagram [ @piquette ] // Viewers are welcome to DM her during the process and have their images / texts integrated into the unfolding story. // #artsbirthday2019 #artsbirthday #someoneasleep #someoneawake

  • Vancouver | 123.1º W

    Wet Noodle Performance Laboratory | Art's Birthday '19


    Join us for tea and noodles in an impromptu performance/art live/streaming event for Art's Birthday 2019 in Vancouver featuring: Performance livestreams from UK - Eva Martino (Bristol); Madeleine Virginia Brown (Glasgow) (10am-3pm) - Don Chow's Wet Noodle Performance Laboratory (12-3pm) - Lam Wong Disco Noir tea ceremony and live calligraphy (2-4pm) - and some sort of vegan layer cake (to go with tea). Red Gate Arts Society 1965 Main Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V5T3C1

  • Vancouver | 123.1º W

    absolute value of noise and Anna Friz


    absolute value of noise and Anna Friz team up to present a mixture of sounds based on both AI and human controlled synthesizer systems. The AI is trying to recreate the sounds of life in its immediate environment - imitating the sounds of insects, birds, the wind moving through the trees, rain falling, and waves on the ocean. The humans play along.

The site is open to all Art's Birthday participants to post their event information.

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