Arts Birthday 2020

January 17-18

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  • Tokyo | 139.7º E

    Art Lab Tokyo | Multi-Action


    17th January, It will hold a performance, including during the exhibition (from 12th to 17th Jan) at Art Lab Tokyo. About 20 artists participate. They do until action painting from the noise art at the gallery on 17th January and they engaged in a simultaneous improvisation at.

  • Tbilisi | 44.8º E

    Community Radio Tbilisi | Community Radio Tbilisi Art's Birthday 2020


    We are celebrating 17th of January Arts Birthday by starting broadcasting of a first Community Radio in Tbilisi. For this special event local musicians David Datunashvili and Irakli Abramishvili have prepared a live improvisation based on soundrecordings of Tbilisi.

  • Helsinki | 24.9º E

    Jaakko Autio / Akusmata | Kinaesthetic Poetry


    Three water pools are surrounded by the singers of KuNuKu choir. By using special sound equipment, the singers voices create geometrical shapes on water surface in real time. In sound installation, the singers are replaced by eight 8” full range speakers, placed on 1:1 relation how the recording took place.

  • Inkoonkatu 1 B, Helsinki 00520 | 24.9º E

    Tapahtujat | AI-ai

    Tapahtujat (Anu Aamu Aurora, Netta Omidbehkhoda, Joonas Jokiranta and Kari Yli-Annala) will perform conversations with AI friend about friendship, love, sex and everything. Cake, drinks and a possibility to make your own paper hat. OBS! Please arrive between 19:00 – 19:30. The doors will be closed when the performance starts. Info: call or send a message to +358504318898. Welcome!

  • Kaunas | 23.9º E

    Kaunas Artists' House | Art's Birthday


    First ever celebration of Art's Birthday in Lithuania. Evening of performances by: Arturas Bumšteinas & vocal ensemble B2, Eye Gymnastics, Bergur Thomas Anderson, kojosopa. Curated by Arturas Bumšteinas and Edvinas Grinkevičius Event held at Kaunas Artist's House and broadcast by Palanga Street Radio. Live stream at https://stream.palanga.live:8443/palanga192.mp3

  • Gnesta, Sweden | 17.3º E

    Ljudtornet | Art's Birthday@Watertower | bushfire relief concert


    In Sweden, rural village Gnesta will celebrate Art’s Birthday 2020 in the Old Watertower; a petrified urban cyborg, stretching its lonely antenna towards the sky. Light and Sound will resonate as voice improvisations, rainforest laments and heartsong will transmit over the Universe.

  • Vienna | 16.4º E

    Ö1 Kunstradio | Kunstradio's Art's Birthday Party 2020


    Kunstradio is celebrating Art's Birthday with Ars_Poetica (Magdalena Hahnkamper und Bernd Satzinger), Heavy Mental Superheroes (Runar Magnusson, Josef Trattner und Esther Vörösmarty, Heya Netzwerk (Nour Sokhon in Berlin, Jilliene Sellner in Wien, Yara Mekawei in Kairo and Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu in Istanbul), Instant Places (Laura Kavanaugh und Ian Birse), Michael Baumgartner with Omid Darvish and Reza Tavakoli, Milan Mijalkovic von Makedonien, Rdeča Raketa (Maja Osojnik and Matija Schellander) with Patrick K.-H., Susanne Schuda, Rojin Sharafi

  • Chotěboř (CZ) | 15.7º E

    KRA rural | Rural Bird Songs From The Edge of Time


    The party is taking place at Zastavka 194 in Chotěboř, Vysočina, a Co-Working space with a new artcafé. Entrance for free, provided you bring an art present. On the program is an audience participated imitation of Robert Filliou's "Imitating the Sound of Birds", and many other surprises for and from all ages. We are online connected all evening with bubbling streams.

  • Graz, Austria | 15.4º E

    esc medien kunst labor | Cyborg Radiation Day


    Cyborg Radiation Day, we start into our year of encounters, exhibitions, worklabs and interferences into public space, together with our invited artists friends: Anna Friz, Absolute Value of Noise, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, Seppo Gründler, Raviv Ganchrov, Enrique Tomas, Adina Camhy Bettina Landl, Peter Venus. Moderation: Reni Hofmüller

  • Liberec | 15.1º E

    Czech Radio Vltava | Art's Birthday 2020


    Live from cinema called Varsava located in the city of Liberec - Erwin Schulhoff's SONATA EROTICA / newborn acustic poetry DOADIA by Pavel Novotný, newborn project PILLOW FULL OF NEEDLES by Veronika Svobodová and Anna Petruželová / 11 years old duo ŠKRÁBANICE of Jaromír Typlt and Michal Rataj / 8 years old post rock'n'roll THE SPERMBANKERS / 6 years ears massaging the trio MASSAGE / X your old duo PALAGRACHIO of Ivan Palacký and Peter Graham (Jaroslav Pokorný)

  • San Marino | 12.5º E

    Usmaradio / Francesco Giomi | Kevlar


    Kevlar is not a composition but a process of “polarized” total improvisation, a sound performance where the model of kevlar allows a series of synthetic fibres and pulsationsto born: a regular alternation between continuous distended textures and unrelenting rhythms. Kevlar has a structure that is constantly moving and iridescent, also thanks to the use of an analog radio device without presets.

  • Regensburg | 12.1º E

    Pomodoro Bolzano | ONE SHOT


    Welcome to the space of Pomodoro Bolzano. We are happy to invite you to take part in art.birthday 1 000 057! Happening starts at 9.30pm. Be part of the big art.birthday-family-shot. Spheres: Jori Tokyo + Loopland.

  • Freiburg | 7.8º E

    SWR2 & E-WERK | Art's Birthday 2020


    SWR2 in cooperation with E-Werk Freiburg will celebrate Art's Birthday. With Alabaster dePlume (Manchester and East-London) | Tomaga (London) | Walter Florian & Arma Agharta (Essen/Litauen) | Stephen Altoft & Donald Bousted (Freiburg/London) | Cruise Ship Misery (Bern) | Julie Semoroz (Genf) | Nicki Fehr aka slim bones (Berlin) | Camille Fischer & friends (Strasbourg/Paris) | Ariane Lugeon (Hegenheim) | Emi Miyoshi & Jürgen Oschwald & Ephraim Wegner (Freiburg) | Annette Rießner & Thomas Wenk (Dießen am Ammersee/Freiburg) | Lea Rüegg & Marc Hörler & Joannie Baumgärtner (Basel/Berlin) | Achim Vogel Muranyi & Konradin Köchling & Daniel Lozano (Freiburg) | WAGNER + MX01 (Karlsruhe) | and last but not least: University of Applied Science Freiburg with the classes of Sascha Brosamer and Ephraim Wegner

  • Cologne | 6.7º E

    Media Arts Academy | Edible Art's Birthday


    students from the media arts academy, cologne engage in a festive action based on sounds of foodmaking/taking/eating to celebrate the birthday of the one concept, which will nurture them for the rest of their lives: the art

  • Antwerp | 4.4º E

    PLANKTONE | 40/60


    40 % new, 60 % old, 40% something, 60% nothing, 40% 100 %, 60% less ... The Flemish government & minister of culture decided to cut the budget for art projects with 60% in 2020 We celebrate 17/01/2020 ART's birthDAY instead and honour ART for more than 100 %

  • Antwerp | 4.4º E

    M HKA | Art's Birthday 2020


    HAPPY ART’S BIRTHDAY Dit jaar organiseert het M HKA voor de twaalfde keer het feest ter ere van de kunst. En daar horen als vanouds performances, een verjaardagstaart, muziek en drank bij.

  • The Hague, The Netherlands | 4.3º E

    HOK Gallery/ Bob Lens | l'Anniversaire de l'Art


    HOK, the tiniest gallery of The Hague, will act as the Bureau Imaginaire of Fluxus artist Bob Lens. Numerous activities take place, including gymnastic exercises, performances, live art and the processing of the forms of Bob’s Bureau Imaginaire. Forms completed with spontaneous works of art will fill the Bureau Imaginaire’s inbox. For this, everyone is invited to complete a form, provided on the website www.ladelart.com. They may bring it along to the gallery, or send it by e-mail: 1000057@ladelart.com

  • Gent | 3.7º E

    IPEM | Synthi EMS Performance

    A jam in the IPEM Arts-Science Lab at De Krook on the legendary 'Emperor' of Synths, the Synthi EMS 100.

  • Villefranche-sur-Mer | 0.7º E

    Collège de Cédillologie | Anniversaire de l’Art à Villefranche


    Whispered Art History performed in « niçois », the local language of Nice, near Villefranche + an exhibition of young artists titled « palam » which means « in attendance of » in latin.

  • World | 0º



    This site is created to celebrate ART'S BIRTHDAY and the act and art of folding paper hats. Download the PDF on the site, fold it as a hat , redesign, prepare, modify or decorate it as you like. Send us a picture

  • Europe | 0º

    EBU Ars Acustica | Euroradio Art's Birthday 2020


    In 2020 the EURORADIO Ars Acustica group is for the 16th time part of the international Art's Birthday Parties around the world and will celebrate the 1.000.057th birthday of art all over Europe!

  • London | 0.1º W

    Art's Altar | For Urban Cyborgs


    Performances and offerings to Art's Altar, with collective noise improvisation. Plug your augmented cy-bodies into the urban-aut matrix at the Bandstand in Springfield Park. Update your operating system with extended possibilities, advanced awakenings, upgraded downloads, or hit CTRL+ALT+DEL for a complete reboot. Step into the desert of the real itself...

  • Swansea | 3.9º W

    Oxfam | Castle Street Arts


    "Swansea is a town where art is alive. If it became a cultural centre or a resort where art was fashionable and where it was always being discussed but never created, it would be a town where art was dead." - Vernon Watkins, 1949. Come create with us in the shop on Art's Birthday. OXFAM, 34 Castle Street, Swansea, Wales, UK. SA1 1HZ.

  • Brooklyn, NY | 74.0º W

    demomento.net | 1,000,057 years in the bucket


    Infinite stream to celebrate the 1,000,057th Art's birthday.

  • Kingston Ontario | 76.5º W

    Union Gallery / Tone Deaf Collective | Art's Birthday Party 2020


    We're having a party with local poets and musicians, hosted by the Union Gallery at Queen's University in Kingston Ontario Canada.

  • South River, Ontario, Canada | 79.4º W

    New Adventures in Sound Art | Art's Birthday Weekend with Michael Waterman


    On January 17 (2 to 4 pm EST) Michael Waterman will perform using the ice instruments that were built collaboratively with Jesse Stewart for the Songs of Ice exhibition at NAISA North Media Arts Centre. On January 18, Michael Waterman will facilitate with NAISA a free family-friendly Art’s Birthday Maker Party (12 to 4 pm EST).

  • Regina | 104.6º W

    Neutral Ground | Art's Birthday


    This year's celebration will be hosted in the theme of Neutral Ground's founding year - 1982. Featuring: People Tanning (Cat Bluemke & Jonathan Carroll), Decades (Jason Cawood), Rachel Broussard, Yugie Gao, Pulsewidth, Tight Flôs, SSRB, Ian Campbell.

  • Edmonton | 113.5º W

    Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society | Art's Birthday Edmonton 2020


    Live music by Blip Vert, Skrunt Skrunt, Shawn Pinchbeck, frozenlake121, Karl Michael Toepfer, Damno Te, Pizzarhea! & SWILL. Videos by Eiduneau, Fecal Point, Mescalin & John Oparyk. Plus a live art exhibition and auction.

  • Vancouver | 123.1º W

    ABC:V | Art's Birthday Vancouver


    Art's Birthday Collective: Vancouver presents performances and web-streams by Deanne Achong, Jim Andrews, Don Chow, Igor Santizo, Sarah Shamash, Lam Wong, and Absolute Value of Noise.

  • Vancouver | 123.1º W

    absolute value of noise | Solar Radio


    Even if it is raining, Solar Radio will hijack some non-solar power and stream during the day of the 17th of January.

  • Vancouver | 123.1º W

    CITR FM | 24 Hours of Radio Art


    What is "radio" "art"? Robert Filliou didn't know, but he did know that ~art~ was born on January 17. And we're celebrating ~art's~ bday on Friday, January 17 with twenty-four straight hours of innovative and ~artistic~ approaches to sound.

The site is open to all Art's Birthday participants to post their event information. The website is supported by ABC:V (Art's Birthday Collective: Vancouver).

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