Arts Birthday 2021

January 16 -17

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  • Tokyo | 139.7º E

    Art Lab Tokyo | Multi-Action


    On January 17th, non-audience performances will be held at Art Lab Tokyo, and about 20 artists participate. They perform from noise art to poetry reading in the gallery, and at the real time improvised. There are links to Art 's Birthday homepages around the world via the Internet.

  • Tbilisi | 44.8° E

    Community Radio Tbilisi, Radio Antenna | Common Waves from Tbilisi / live from SHAKHTA


    Soundartists, musicians, poets and researchers streaming live from a performative installation Shakhta. Participants> Irakli Qolbaia / Poetry Reading 15:00 TBS Time Der Spezialist / Reading 16:00 TBS Time Tete Noise / Sound Performance 17:00 TBS Time Alex Soselia & Zura Tsofurashivili / Sound Performance 18:00 TBS Time Performative installation SHAKHTA by David Brodsky. (Also see: https://www.common-waves.com/)

  • Helsinki | 24.9º E

    Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts | Happeners, Art's Birthday and You


    We have invited one person live audience to watch our 2021 Art's Birthday performance at 6pm Helsinki time in the subculture center Loukko. The event is organised together with Tutkijaliitto (under the theme Planetary (eco)communism). We will have cake and wear paper hats.

  • Gnesta, Sweden | 17.3° E

    Ljudtornet | Soundtower Underground


    In celebration of Art's Birthday, Ljudtornet goes underground in Alsgruvan, sending sound and light resonance from the old mine.

  • Vienna | 16.4º E

    Ö1 Kunstradio | Kunstradio's Art's Birthday Party


    Please join us on air and on line at this year's Kunstradio Art's Birthday Party starting at 7:30pm and broadcasting live until midnight. The following artists have confirmed their participation and are getting their gifts ready for the big evening on 17th January: Vincent Pongracz and his band Synesthetic4, Beate Wiesinger and Gruber/Bertsch.

  • Hranice (countryside Vysocina CZ), Berlin (city garden DE), Kerminy (countryside Bretagne FR), Tokyo (city green JP) | 15.4º E and 13.2º E, 3.8° W, 139.69 E

    Rural Development | Digital Traditionals, Fresh from the Greenhouse!


    Electronic experimental music must be older than 75 years. Generations of formerly young people are nowadays retired and listen with nostalgia to the warbled dissonant tunes and distorted broken rhythms from their youth. Once in a while they meet online to play memories from their imaginary songbooks and happily all improvise along. On Art’s Birthday some of the finest old digital folk musicians from the band Rural Development (CZ, DE, BE, FR, JP) surprise you with a concert from empty wintery hothouses in the countryside and (un)covered greenscapes in the city. Next they will apply for heritage funding.

  • Graz | 15.4° E

    esc medien kunst labor | The Radio Cyborgs come!


    The Radio Cyborgs open the programme year 2021 and transmit their gifts / sound pieces to art live from esc mkl with the Radio Cyborg Transmitter (Culture Year Graz 2020).Alyssa Aska, Alisa Kobzar, Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, Alexander Kremser, Daniele Pozzi, Thomas Grill, Max Höfler, Valentina Vuksic, Reni Hofmüller

  • Prague | 14.4° E

    R(A)DIO(CUSTICA) /// Czech Radio Vltava | invisible things


    R(A)DIO(CUSTICA) will celebrate Art’s Birthday 2021 by acoustic contemplating Invisible things. Is what is visible really what makes the world the world? What about what we don't see? How is with love, belief, space, smells, sounds…and unexpected situations. As a part of celebrating Art’s Birthday, czech composer Jan Burian made original piece of music named jedno nikoho and students of Academy of Performing Arts prepared thier project Secret and Seeming Alef.

  • San Marino | 12.4° E

    Usmaradio / Radio Lada | The San Marino Art's Birthday Party


    Little sounds from the space. Aural constellations brought to you by Usmaradio, Radio Lada and Roberto Paci Dalò.

  • Regensburg / Bavaria / Germany | 12.1° E

    Pomodoro Bolzano | Opera Bility – art.birthday 1.000.058


    We are happy to hand you the keys into the virtual realm! from 21h CET / 12pm SLT. ... la linea ‘die Werkstatt’ – workshop with dancefloor, screenings, comfortable seating, knuffelballs and lot of fun ... key::: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Odyssey/180/177/2203 (vr) key:::: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83850942820 (zoom lounge) key::::: https://www.youtube.com/user/MissJori (peep)

  • München | 11.6° E

    Norbert R. Stammberger | Art's Birthday 1.000.058 w/KlangBuero


    All the latest sound outputs from KlangBuero/SoundOffice w/ Norbert R. Stammberger and guests https://www.facebook.com/soundofficemunich/live/

  • Baden-Baden and Freiburg | 8.2° E and 7.8° E

    SWR2 & E-WERK | Remote Art's Birthday 2021


    SWR2 celebrates live from our Studio 6 in Baden-Baden with CM von Hausswolff (Stockholm) and 12 artists from all over Europe | Andrew Pekler (Berlin) | Ira Hadžić (Berlin) | Christina Hug (Freiburg) | Niko Meinhold (Berlin) E-Werk Freiburg has a video-livestream with video works of Acimo and DreamWave Visuals | Cod.Act | Rana Hamadeh | Emi Miyoshi | Stefan Panhans | Eleonora Roano | Max Philip Schmid | Peter Vogel | Leo Torcelli | Paula Mierzowksy and Johann Diel | Daniel Dressel and Lynne Kouassi http://ewerk-freiburg.de/event/arts-birthday-2021/

  • Nice | 7.2° E

    Collège de Cédillologie | Anniversaire de l’Art

    Sunday afternoon January 17 eight poetry enthusiasts gather on a terrace under the beautiful winter sun of the French Riviera to evoke the spirit of the Eternal Network created by Robert Filliou and George Brecht nearby in Villefranche-sur-Mer.

  • Duisburg | 6.7° E

    De-Symphonic and Kreativquartier Ruhrort | Art’s Birthday 2021


    De-Symphonic and Kreativquartier Ruhrort celebrate Art’s Birthday 2021 with a video produced for the occasion by German composer and sound artist Werner Cee, echoing an epic work as part of the celebrations recalling the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven BTHVN 2020.

  • Lausanne | 6.6° E

    RTS/Culture Espace2 | Qu'ouïs-je? Art'sBirthday 2021


    From 8pm to 10.30pm, surprises and artists live! The Argentinian-swiss artist Abril Padilla, will take you on a sound trip with "Acoustic fingerprint - Empreinte acoustique " as a gift to Art.The swiss-american saxophonist Laurent Estoppey will take part to the Ars Acustica collective project “freq-wave” bringing together 12 remote artists driven by the artist CM von Hausswolff

  • Antwerp | 4.4º E

    Planktone | BRATTY RADISH !


    One year staying at Home Alone during this pandemic But we celbrate Art's Birthday 2021 Take care in 2021

  • Antwerpen, België | 4.4º E

    M HKA, museum of contemporary art Antwerpen | Art's Birthday 2021


    In 2021, our celebration will take place at the museum and online. True to our tradition, Art’s Birthday 2021 will feature contributions by invited guest artists in the form of an invitation card, an artwork displayed on the museum’s façade, a state of the arts speech, performances, a cake and a party.

  • The Hague | 4.3º E

    HOK Gallery | art-exchange


    HOK Gallery invites you to celebrate Art’s 1,000,058th birthday with us by joining an international chain of art-exchange. Forget about the digital way, let’s do it old-school. True to the spirit of Fluxus mail-art, just send in a piece of art – by postal mail, that is – and HOK will send it through to another participating artist. In return you also will get a piece of art, from who knows who and who knows where, on behalf of HOK delivered to you by the mailman. Give something, get something, birthday-wise.

  • The Hague | 4.3º E

    Radio Tonka | Art's Birthday


    Fluxus artist Bob Lens, Fluxusarian Rene van der Voort, underdog poet Mr. Pelham and Vaida Tonka of Radio Tonka present a two hour live broadcast celebration show for Art's birthday. The show is filled with never heard before Fluxus performances, live interviews, unique sound fragments and also poetry will be read.

  • world | 0º

    HATS | Fold a Hat


    Celebrate Art's Birthday with a nice paper hat. downlaod the PDF, fold it into a hat and use your creativity to make it into a nice piece of art. send a photo of your hat to hats@planktone.be

  • Europe | 0º

    EURORADIO Ars Acustica group | Art’s Birthday – Euroradio Ars Acustica Special Evening


    Euroradio Art’s Birthday is an celebration produced as one day radio festival by team of Euroradio Ars Acustica group. Birthday gifts – concerts and performances – will be broadcasted on Euroradio network as part of global celebration dedicated artist Robert Filliou, who claimed in 1963 that Art celebrate 1.000.000 birthday..

  • London and online | 0.1° W

    Art's Altar | For the Eternal Network


    A gathering that gathers but is not a gathering. A taking place that takes place but does not take place. A happening that happens and is perhaps happened upon. A telepathic moment to reminds us that we are where things are happening. For all, everywhere, the eternal network. - Altar and offerings from passers-by and happeners-on at the Springfield Park bandstand, with Robert Filiou's 'Telepathic Music' - 2.30pm GMT - online togethering for offerings to Art and the Eternal Network - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82828534845 Curated by Stephen Shiell & Hannah White

  • London and Vienna | 0.1° W

    Cybersalon | Cybersonica Soirée: Musica est spiritus vitae


    Composers, musicians, media artists and DJs gather to experiment with music, sound art, algorithmic music, live-coded visuals and new forms of connecting during lockdown. With Alex McLean, Alexander Felch, Simon Sarginson and DJ Dilly curated by Stefan Lutschinger and Eva Pascoe.

  • Brooklyn | 73.9° W

    demomento.net | little-noise-in-a-box


    Live stream at artsbirthday.net with interactions using a piece made of a turntables junk parts in order to join the global celebration of the 1,000,058th Art's birthday on January 17 2021, the day which was first proposed in 1963 by French artist Robert Filliou.

  • South River, Ontario, Canada | 79.4º W

    New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) | Piece for objects found in the street


    Québec sound artist Anne-F Jacques has made a text score for anyone to realize using a digital recorder.  Send a link of your realization to outreach at naisa dot ca by January 15 by 23:59 EST.  Then join in at 19:00 EST on January 17, for a listening party to experience the realizations, including a version performed by Anne-F Jacques. 

  • Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada | 104.6° W

    Neutral Ground Artist-Run Centre & Dunlop Art Gallery | Art's Birthday Buffet


    An all-you-can-eat feast of remote-access, Art's Birthday content. *2 - 3pm - WHISPERED ART HISTORY: Clive Robertson in conversation w/ Craig Leonard *7 - 9pm - EVERY POSSIBLE PLACE: Performed by the Instant Places Ensemble *9:30 -11pm - COVER SONGS & KARAOKE + Cupcake delivery within Regina city limits

  • Lethbridge, Alberta | 112.8° W

    Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG) | Art's Birthday | Audiovisual Performance from Matthew Cardinal & Stephanie Kus


    Celebrate Art's Birthday with the SAAG! Join us on Instagram Live, January 17, 6-7 PM MST This year we are hosting an audiovisual performance from Stephanie Kuse and Matthew Cardinal. Kuse taking inspiration for her psychedelic visuals from Cardinal’s ephemeral night-time flash photography, and layered looping guitar. Together their collaborative audiovisuals create a soft, hypnotic, immersive sensorial experience, that reflects the dreamy and nostalgic nature of both their artistic practices.

  • Edmonton and around the world | 113.5º W

    B.E.A.M.S. | Art's Birthday


    The Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society (BEAMS) is a non-profit society dedicated to the promotion and production of sound art, experimental music and new media. Its membership consists of professional musicians, composers and performance artists from diverse backgrounds driven to create a voice for sound orientated art in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  • Vancouver | 123.1º W

    absolute value of noise + Anna Friz | Mechanical Velocities


    Absolute Value of Noise and Anna Friz team up to present a piece inspired by the speed and sounds of hummingbirds. Thinking about the interplay between organic and synthetic worlds, the artists play with field recordings, simulation and synthesis. Sonic sources include cornet, hummingbirds, software simulator, Tetrax Organ, feedback box, analog electronics, and voice.

  • Vancouver | 123.1º W

    Deanne Achong + Sarah Shamash | Recipes For Undomestication

    A collaborative virtual performance considering baking, working, protesting, negotiating...

  • Vancouver | 123.1º W

    CITR FM | 24 Hours of Radio Art


    What is "radio" "art"? Robert Filliou didn't know, but he did know that ~art~ was born on January 17. And we're celebrating ~art's~ bday on Sunday, January 17 with twenty-four straight hours of innovative and ~artistic~ approaches to sound.

The site is open to all Art's Birthday participants to post their event information. The website is supported by ABC:V (Art's Birthday Collective: Vancouver).

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