Arts Birthday 2023

January 17

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  • Tokyo, Japan | 139.7º E

    Art Lab Tokyo | Multi action


    Multi action project. Fluxus expanded the media of art, but today in Tokyo, a variety of artistic acts such as video, action, performance, dance, sound, photography, painting, and objects are performed. We made it as seen from the site. The world is in an increasingly unpredictable situation due to wars and epidemics. Under such circumstances, global communication through art is salvation. I pray for world peace this year as well by acting together from Tokyo.

  • The Country Side | 139.7° E | 18.6° E | 17.7° E | 17.1° E | 13.4° E | 3.8° W

    Rural Development | Scenes from Memory 22.


    Last August Rural Development (p2p-band, Tokyo-Berlin-Hranice-Kerminy-Bratislava-Gdansk-...) was playing a long 22 hour live online radio performance from the countryside. All we remember we can only give to Art. Hereafter, all we imagine will only be given to Art. If it will be remembered.

  • Helsinki, Finland | 24.9º E

    Nomadic Academy of Experimental Arts | Celebration of art and artist(s)


    Celebration of art and artist(s) - a ritual & a speech, cake, screening and paper hats. A special cake is made by Anna Mansikkamäki Location: Inkoonkatu 1 B7 Call +358504318898 or send a message to kari.yli-annala@aalto.fi.

  • Gnesta, Sweden | 17.3° E

    Ljudtornet | AURUM ear - gold - space


    AURUM ear - gold - space Soundtower invites you to Art’s Birthday party in the Old watertower of Gnesta Art installation with micro-jam See the world with new glasses Golden hot soup is served Sound art installation by Rolf Schuurmans

  • Vienna | 16.4° E

    Ö1 Kunstradio | Kunstradio celebrates Art's Birthday


    The following artists have confirmed their participation and are getting their gifts ready for the evening on 17th January: alien productions, Isabella Forciniti, Reni Hofmüller, Rupert Huber, Philip Leitner, noid, Lale Rodgarkia-Dara and the Radio Ironie Orchester live online and on air.

  • Graz, Austria | 15.4° E

    esc medien kunst labor | Klangautomata and others


    Live Performances from the installation Klangautomata Nebenwelten by Winfried Ritsch, with concerts and interventions by more than 30 performers in Graz, Vienna and Neapel!

  • Prague | 14.4° E

    Czech Radio Vltava R{A}DIO{CUSTICA} & PUNCTUM | On the pernicious influence of virtuosity on the interpretation of a work of Art


    We'll celebrate the birth of art by reflecting on the pernicious influence of virtuosity on the interpretation of a work of art as a red Japanese sun inside a guitar amplifier, or as flying eggs filled with brass music,.... or basically we'll celebrate with six acoustic gifts, which will be performed live at the venue of the Punctum community project based in Prague's Žižkov district and sent to the airwaves of Czech Radio Vltava in connection with the Art's Birthday - Euroradio Ars Acustica special evening.

  • Berlin | 13.4º E

    Ebba Jahn | VIDEO EDITION I Streaming Premiere


    Improvised music, video art, poetry - see/hear a variety of 20 compelling short films: duos by cellist Sue Schlotte, duets with nature by violinist Matthias Boss, videos by Ebba Jahn with trombonist Paul Hubweber, two art video poems by Dwayne Jahn, and collaborations of double bassist Klaus Kürvers with filmmaker Ebba Jahn.

  • Rimini, Italy | 12.6° E

    Roberto Paci Dalò | Rabbit Tales for Art's Birthday 2023


    Roberto Paci Dalò in a live radio performance from Giardini Pensili's studio on the hills of Rimini (Italy). In collaboration with Usmaradio and Radio Lada. giardini.sm / usmaradio.org / radiolada.net

  • Regensburg GER - Antwerpen BEL - online | 12.1° E | 4.4° E

    Pomodoro Bolzano | THE OF OF BIND OF IF PLAD / JAMORIES


    On the occasion of art's one-million-and-sixties birthday we are inviting you to a live broadcast of Studio Tokyo. Selected keywords from years of Pomodoro Bolzano's art.birthday celebrations evolve into handcrafted audiovisual miniatures and sound improvisations. Happy art’s birthday to you all!

  • München | 11.6° E

    KlangBüro | 1_Mio_60th Art’s birthday @soundofficemunich


    Streaming with music visuals and guests like Monika Trotula, Gürkan Baltacilar, Szneshana Reizen a.m.m. @soundofficemunich embedded to Halle6 and the Labor München. Norbert Stammberger KlangBüro München ngolx@me.com KlangBüro/SoundOffice is Member of Labor München e.V. - Art Culture Music Creative Economics - https://fb.me/soundofficemunich

  • Vence & Nice | 7.3º E

    Collège de Cédillologie | Art’s Birthday and 60th of Fluxus Côte d’Azur

  • Duisburg, Germany | 6.8° E

    Kreativquartier Ruhrort | Art's Birthday 2023 | Kurt Schwitters' URSONATE (excerpt) performed by Thomas Frahm


    The author, publisher, presenter, actor and bohemian Thomas Frahm developed his personal adaptation of Kurt Schwitters' URSONATE. For Art's Birthday, we're giving an excerpt from it, filmed by filmmaker Erik Wittbusch at Lokal Harmonie, Ruhrort, Germany, January 2023.

  • Duisburg, Germany | 6.8 E

    Das PLUS am Neumarkt | Art's Birthday 2023 im Das PLUS am Neumarkt


    Wir feiern den 1.000.060ten Geburtstag der Kunst und jeder, der uns besucht kann aus unseren Vorlagen einen Geburtstagshut falten und sich damit fotografieren lassen. We celebrate Art's 10.000.060th Birthday and everyone, visiting us, can fold a birthday-hat from our specially designed handicraft sheet.

  • Antwerp | 4.4º E

    planktone | THE LAST NOTE


    No one belongs in a trench. We invite you to create with us THE LONG NOTE. Find all info and "how to" at our website.

  • The Hague, The Netherlands | 4.3º E

    HOK Gallery | Fluxus Gift Shop


    To celebrate the 1,000,060th anniversary of art, HOK Gallery in The Hague, The Netherlands, will be transformed into a FLUXUS gift shop for 60 minutes on Tuesday, January 17, from 8 o'clock in the evening local time. And what are the fellow celebrants be taking home from HOK this birthday? A genuine, unadulterated multiple by one of HOK’s ever increasing bunch of free-spirited artists and friends. The 60-minute sound of the FLUXUS gift shop will be broadcast as noise on the "Art's Birthday" network and will be heard from Tokyo to Vancouver (IG:@hokgallery).

  • world | 0º

    Planktone | DON'T FOLD A HAT


    Send us the hat you did not fold to: dfah@planktone.be We add it in the museum of not folded hats

  • world | 0º

    Planktone | FOLD A HAT


    celebrate ART'S BIRTHDAY and don't forget to fold a hat. send us a photo to: hats@planktone.be . we add it into our online collection.

  • Vancouver | Colorado | New York State | Buenos Aires | Vienna | Graz | 0°

    The Conduction Series | Art's Birthday Radio


    The Conduction Series celebrates Art's Birthday 2023 with friends from Wave Farm (New York State), the Rocky Mountains (Colorado), Kunstradio ORF (Austria), Radio CASo (Argentina), and CITR FM (Vancouver, Canada). https://wavefarm.org/listen

  • divers European Cities | 0º

    Euroradio EBU Ars Acustica | Art’s Birthday – Euroradio Ars Acustica Special Evening


    On Tuesday evening, January 17, the EBU Ars Acustic group together with artists in many European cities celebrates 1 000 060 years of Art! Happy Birthday!

  • London | 0.1° W

    Art's Altar | For Not Knowing


    Uncertainty is certain. Change is constant. Rest in the melting space where all is possible and nothing is yet decided. Sometimes delicious, sometimes dangerous, sometimes difficult. Embrace the chaos of not knowing, surrender to the bliss of the void. Revel in knowing you know nothing at all and so much is still to be known. Bring an offering for the altar - this could be an object, or a performance or participatory action of any kind. Bring food or drink to share, and, of course, there will be hat making….

  • London | 0.1° W

    Cybersalon.org | VR Soiree


    Join Cybersalon.org VR Soiree and grab yourself a VR hat in Altspace VR. We are hosting a preview of new music from Halidonto and Ergo, Miss Naivety and John Horsley to celebrate Art's Birthday.

  • Zaragoza-Zaragosse | 0.89° W

    pedro bericat | Tu Tv


    Tv Tv Tv

  • Brooklyn / Huesca | 73.9° W

    FM&JB&KT&LS | One-Minute Scenario: Art’s Birthday 2023


    2023 is Art’s 1,000,060th Anniversary, we must celebrate it! One-minute scenario: Art’s birthday 2023 by FM&JB&KT&LS; Premiere live stream at artsbirthday.net on January 17, from 6:00pm till 11:59pm EST.

  • Vieux Hull, Québec | 75.7º W

    Instant Places | Mango


    Instant Places: Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse Audiovisual performance streaming live from Vieux Hull

  • South River, Ontario | 79.4º W

    New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) | Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony and Re-Opening on Art's Birthday


    New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of its new exhibition space and café. Featured is an outdoor performance using The Decomposing Piano as well as the installations Tree Earth Sky by Wild Empathy and The Sound of Tree Rings by Simon Lysander Overstall.

  • Regina | 104.6° W

    Neutral Ground | Art's Birthday Mini Festival


    Art’s Birthday Mini Festival. Saturday, January 21st. 11:00 am – 12:30 pm – Cyanotype Workshop with Sheldon Brown. 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm – Sound, Spatial, and Performance Art with U of R Map Students instructed by Lindsey French. 8:00 pm – Late- Happy Birthday Art We Hope Your Party Is Out Of This World! Featuring works and performances from ygretz and THINKTANK.

  • Edmonton | 113.5º W

    BEAMS (The Boreal Electro-Acoustic Music Society) | Art's Birthday 2023


    Soft Ions, Hitoshi Sugiyama, Nathaniel Sutton, Wayne DeFehr, Trevor DePagie and D.N.E. perform as part of Art's Birthday festivities from Canada's prairie region streamcast live on twitch.tv/beamsdotca The Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society (BEAMS) is a non-profit society dedicated to the promotion and production of sound art, experimental music and new media. Its membership consists of professional musicians, composers and performance artists from diverse backgrounds driven to create a voice for sound orientated art in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  • Vancouver | 123.1º W

    Western Front | Art's Birthday 1,000,060th Party


    The Western Front celebrates 60 years of Art's Birthday and 50 years of the Western Front! Come and join the party. Featuring Cake and Tea. With artists: Deanne Achong, Jim Andrews, Hank Bull, Don Chow (in Paris), Peter Courtemanche, Anna Friz, Igor Santizo, Sarah Shamash, Trolleybus, David Williams (in Portugal), and Lam Wong.

  • Vancouver | 123.1º W

    Absolute Value of Noise and Anna Friz | Morse Mountain


    A generative radio stream originally produced for Festival Tsonami in Valparaíso, Chile. Morse Mountain plays with the sounds of radio in many forms, past and present.

  • Vancouver | 123.1º W

    CITR FM | 24 Hours of Radio Art


    What is "radio" "art"? Robert Filliou didn't know, but he did know that ~art~ was born on January 17. And we're celebrating ~art's~ bday on Tuesday, January 17 with twenty-four straight hours of innovative and ~artistic~ approaches to sound.

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