Arts Birthday 2024

January 17

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  • Tokyo | 139.7° E

    Art Lab Tokyo | Multi-Action


    We will be disseminating time-based action art from Tokyo after the global pandemic.

  • Helsinki | 24.9° E

    Nomadic academy of experimental arts | Walk to the island on Art's 1000061s Birthday


    On 17th Wednesday we will walk to the island on ice, celebrate art, have cake and give a diploma to extraordinary artists. The musician Henri Lindström will play live his music. https://henrihenrihenri.bandcamp.com/ Location: P 60° 9,029' ja I 24° 57,451'

  • Brno, Czech Republic | 16.6° E

    Terén | Art's Birthday 1000061


    For this year's celebration, in addition to the radio broadcast, we decided to physically hold the event in an unused part of the brutalist building of the current shopping center. During the evening, European audiovisual artists will perform and we will also talk about the architecture of the place.

  • echoraum, Vienna | 16.4° E

    Ö1 Kunstradio | Kunstradio & Dritter Blöder Mittwoch celebrate Art's Birthday 2024


    The following artists have confirmed their participation and bring presents to art: Elisabeth Flunger & Inge Kaindlstorfer, Jennifer Walshe & surprise performers, Martin Siewert & Reinhold Friedl, Golden Dikó Ship.

  • Vienna | 16.4° E

    Palais Rössl | The Mycorrizha Mix

    Just like mycorrhiza, Palais Rössl is a transgenerational and polydisciplinary growing symbiotic liaison of artists, designers and cultural workers in the physical heart of Vienna, Austria, as well as a time- and space-transcending hybrid creature open to entanglements of all kinds. We share a love for communal spaces and poeto-political co-creation with sound being a strong connective tissue. As a birthday gift to Art itself Rössl residents will build an improvised soundscape around the necessity of independent spaces in the privatized city. You can expect a royal mix of sonic expressions, be it spoken word, electro-acoustic or environmental sounds.

  • Vysočina area CZ | 15.6° E

    KRA-GívanBelá | Voda


    A small innocent birthday present: water, but also an invitation to everyone on the party to get involved to share sounds and thoughts, considerations about water in our immediate surroundings, before the desert comes...

  • Graz | 15.4° E

    Reni Hofmüller / esc medien kunst labor | RESONATING SCULPTURES


    On site live from esc medien kunst labor, on air on Radio Helsinki 92.6FM and online at https://helsinki.at/livestream Sounds of electromagnetic waves, overlapping frequencies of unfathomable spaces - magical, fleeting and touching, these are the electro-poetic worlds of sound that Reni Hofmüller opens up with the antennas of her Resonating Sculptures. Radiation emissions from the natural and man-made world, the cosmos and the technological environment transformed into sounds: hissing, crackling, hissing, whistling, vibrating, clanking and clicking, humming, buzzing, vibrating and booming, voices, tones and sounds from the radio. With Nayari Castillo, Barbara Edlinger, Leon Erdödy, Seppo Gründler, Reni Hofmüller, Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka, Hanns Holger Rutz, Margo Sarkisova; Künstler*innenkollektiv Palais Rössl, Wien; Studierende des IEM, Graz

  • Berlin | 13.4° E

    Mopomoso Edition Pavilion | one day screening


    Watch a special preview of this 30 min. video artwork in progress curated by Ebba Jahn, with 17 worldwide video artists and with a soundtrack played live by 17 improvising musicians in London at the recent Mopomoso event at Vortex Jazz Club. May all involved artists, musicians and the arts birthday party enjoy this one day only screening of the video and hear the original event soundtrack of Video Edition Pavilion after folding the paper hat in honour of the occasion...

  • Regensburg | 12.1° E

    Pomodoro Bolzano | the broadcast is the message


    Pomodoro Bolzano is happy to invite you to hear the first signals of TokyoLab studio presented as a gift to Art´s Birthday 10000061. We are broadcasting unique readymade experimental soundscapes and birthday-cakes whole day long on January 17.

  • Munich | 11.6° E

    KlangBuero | Art‘s Birthday 1Mio61st at SoundOffice Munich (KlangBuero)


    You will find everything about KlangBuero/SoundOffice Munich over #soundofficemunich or @klangburo4497

  • Duisburg | 6.8° E

    Kreativquartier Ruhrort | Art's Birthday 2024 at Kreativquartier Ruhrort


    We are celebrating the 1,000,061st birthday of art and everyone who visits us can fold a birthday hat from our templates and have their photo taken with it. this year: - around 11 a.m. (CET): Video premiere "Fünfzig verwünschte Schlümpfe" - Fold-A-Hat and a Short performance - Video will be available on-line on January 16th https://youtu.be/-mWd075aeSI

  • Antwerp | 4.4° E

    Planktone | I would be amazed


    This year, Antwerp is making it a double celebration. We also take a moment to reflect on John Cage's 'Etudes Australes', composed 50 years ago. I would be amazed' refers to a fragment of an interview with John Cage. In it he expresses his thoughts on whether our earth is unique or not.

  • The Hague, the Netherlands | 4.3° E

    HOK Gallery | 7-inch Jamboree to the Sound of a Moving Salad


    From our underground hideout in The Hague, The Netherlands, HOK Gallery will broadcast the sound of a moving salad. At HOK, the screening of an act by Bob Lens and Emiel van Moerkerken’s movie Next Year In Holysloot is followed by a one-off sale expo of 7-inch throwaway single sleeves collage artwork. Wet cake included.

  • Cazals | 1.23° E

    Aux ateliers à Cazals | Anniversaire de l'art

    Sharing our artistic gestures and our delicacies from 6 p.m. at the workshops in Cazals. 77 rue de Barry 0611051590

  • World | 0°

    Planktone | Fold a Hat


    celebrate ART'S BIRTHDAY. don't forget to fold and decorate a hat. send a photo of your creation to: hats@planktone.be . we'll add it to our online collection.

  • Europe | 0º

    EURORADIO Ars Acustica | EURORADIO Ars Acustica Art's Birthday 2024


    Art’s Birthday – Euroradio Ars Acustica Special Evening was an celebration produced as one day radio festival by team of producers around the Europe and beyond. Birthday gifts – concerts and performances – will be broadcast on Euroradio network as part of global celebration dedicated artist Robert Filliou, who claimed in 1963 that Art celebrate 1.000.000 birthday.

  • Stratford, London | 0.0010° W

    Blanc Sceol | Art's Altar for Fluvial Magick


    Art’s Altar for Fluvial Magic Long Wall Ecology Garden, Channelsea River, Stratford Sunday 14th January, 1-5pm Flow downstream. Ebb to the waters edge. Flow with fluvial mood, fluid intent and slippery wishes. Ebb to shape shift around the edges of yourself. Flow to make fluvial magick. Ebb in, flow out, ebb in, flow out. Flow with something to share, transform, bury, muddy, burn, draw, write, throw, say, shout. Ebb with nourishing liquids and solids and vapours in-between. Flow and be more water.

  • London | 0.13° W

    Beware! The Radio | Everybody Arts


    This year's celebration of the human impulse to create art includes: A) readings of texts on art; B) live improv set with members of Keshco/Bleak House/Vile Brain Samples; C) replay of our 2020 show; D) an album premiere from the Eugene Difficult Music Society. Submissions welcome! See our website for schedule.

  • London | Spatial | 0.13° W

    Cybersalon | Art's Birthday 2024


    Cybersalon.org is joining celebrations from London, with launch of a new ambient folk album from Miss Naivety, "Love in the Library". We are also joined by Halidonto with this AI poetry and Cyborgia Music, Brendan with Non Player Character and Simon Sarginson live coding to Dan Stapleton new music. Location - Spatial.io VR platform (no need for headsets, desktop or mobile access ok). ALSO playing on Jan 17 at 6pm London time.

  • zaragoza Spain | 0.89° W

    pedro bericat | autohypnosis


    Audio performance in CCCC Valencia

  • Sheffield | 1.47° W

    Sheffield Arts Lab (SHLAB) | SHLAB Presents: ARTS BIRTHDAY 2024 -THE BOAT OF SOFT


    This year, Sheffield Arts Lab (SHLAB) present our first ever Birthday for Art - at the Dorothy Pax! On the 17th January 2024 7-10pm, we invite everyone to come together and join a network of artists /humans/ musicians/ makers from everywhere in the cosmos. We will offer ourselves to life as art, in music, feasting, dance and merrying, You are welcome to bring contributions of objects to float fly or burn, readings/ intentions/ participatory / performances, happenings, drink / food /cake and everything and anything! Paper hat making will commence on arrival.

  • Swansea, Wales | 3.9° W

    Oxfam Castle Street Swansea | Arts Birthday


    Last October we hosted David Shrigley's launch of his "Pulped Fiction" edition of George Orwell's 1984. On Art's Birthday we will have a (not for sale) copy available for everyone to view... and read and touch! Also, inspired by the book's re-used Da Vinci Code dust jackets, we will be hosting an exhibition of re-designed dust jackets on re-imagined books created by the young artists of Swansea Asylum Seekers Support Group. There will, of course, also be cake.

  • St. John's | 52.7° W

    Deanne Achong | Hummbird watch

    A live stream of drawings inspired by Hummingbirds with the sounds of Mechanical Velocities (also inspired by hummingbirds) by Absolute Value of Noise and Anna Friz. Streaming on the 17th on the Art's Birthday "live streams" page.

  • Brooklyn | 73.9° W

    Lorenzo SP | 24-hours-stream!


    Wednesday January 17 2024 is Art’s 1,000,061st Anniversary, come to celebrate such a mess with a 24-hours-stream! Live stream at artsbirthday.net on January 17, from 00:01am till 11:59pm EST.

  • Vieux Hull, Quebec | 75.7° W

    Instant Places | FLIPBOOK


    FLIPBOOK, a streaming performance for live sound and graphic animations. Instant Places (Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse) Vieux Hull, Quebec 1PM to 1:30PM EST, January 17

  • South River, ON, Canada and Murray Bridge, South Australia, Australia | 79.4º W

    New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA) | Art's Birthday Weathered Piano Exchange


    Pianists Jesse Budel and Nadene Thériault-Copeland will be exchanging birthday presents for Art in the form of audio recordings of "ruined" pianos from their respective locations in Murray Bridge and South River. The result will be a collective radio creation that places in dialogue the longest nights in Canada with the longest days in Australia.

  • Windsor | 83.0° W

    Artcite Inc. | NobelPeaceProject | Art's 1,000,061st Birthday!


    This year Artcite Inc. and NobelPeaceProject will celebrate by posting ALL the Paper Bag Portraits we receive @artciteartsbirthday. To celebrate with us, create a Mask of yourself with a paper bag and email your portrait to artciteartsbirthday@gmail.com. Include your name(s) and country for @artciteartsbirthday posting. IF you want a hard copy of the DOC poster, also include your mailing address. DEADLINE: 15 January 2024!

  • Regina | 104.6° W

    Neutral Ground | Art’s Rhinestone Cowboy Birthday Party!


    Mini Art Show | Featuring CTECH students | 1-3PM | Art Party| Featuring mileshigh, djbadcarlotta, Hilarey Cowan, Ember Rayne | 8pm – Late

  • Edmonton, AB, Canada | 113.5° W

    B.E.A.M.S. | Art's Birthday 2024


    The Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society (BEAMS) is a non-profit society dedicated to the promotion and production of sound art, experimental music and new media. Its membership consists of professional musicians, composers and performance artists from diverse backgrounds driven to create a voice for sound orientated art in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  • Port Moody | 122.9° W

    PoMoArts | ART’sBirthday!by PoMoArts


    Come experience art that will challenge and expand your creative thinking. Paint to music, dance to your own beat, listen to thought provoking melodies, interact with electronic music and video, chill out by our virtual campfire, sample a few artistic cake creations and vote for your favorite ARTCake, and a few more surprises…all paying homage to the Fluxus art movement and celebrating ART’s Birthday.

  • Vancouver | 123.1° W

    Jim Andrews | Sea of Filliou Po


    "Whispered Art History" was transcribed by Marisa Holmes from a recording (c 1973) of a lecture by Robert Filliou (c 1963). The tape was recorded and produced by Ondine Fiore for the New Wilderness Foundation in New York. The text was submitted by Peter Courtemanche to Sea of Po by Jim Andrews.

  • Vancouver | 123.1° W

    Absolute Value of Noise and Anna Friz | Water-Line/Estuary-Almanac


    In support of the ebb/flow of stars and water during this year's Art's Birthday, we are doing a few small sonic updates to this year-long radio piece that is streaming from Deutschlandfunk Kultur (Berlin).

  • Vancouver | 123.1º W

    CITR FM | 24 Hours of Radio Art


    CiTR 101.9FM kicks off the 2024 iteration of its 24 Hours of Radio Art programming at 12am on Wednesday, January 17th! This year's programming runs for 24 + 7 hours.

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