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This system uses a mesh/distributed network to share photo and audio streams. The mesh network depends on all of its participants (creators and audience) to share stream packets with each other. As different people join and leave the network, the system becomes less or more chaotic. The longer each individual remains connected to the network, the more stable the mesh will become. Please leave this browser page open and running to support the stability of the network!

Note: This network is currently still in an experimental stage. It is not fully supported by iOS nor Safari. It has been tested on Firefox and Chrome on Linux, Mac OS, Windows, and Android.


We hope to provide a space where creators and audience can interact in a safe and respectful environment. Please be polite and help to promote a positive experience when streaming or participating in the public chat.

The following guidelines should be used as a general set of rules for participating in this network. The mesh network is open and difficult to police, but there are moderation systems in place to periodically mute or ban people who are engaged in inappropriate behaviour. Inappropriate behaviours include:

  • Acts and threats of violence.
  • Self-destructive behaviour.
  • Hateful conduct and harassment.
  • Racism and hate speech.
  • Unauthorized sharing of private information or photographs.
  • Spam, scams, and other malicious content.
  • Advertising or posting out-of-context outside links.